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Baptism Gifting: Essentials for Godparents and Guests

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The baptism ceremony is important for Christians around the world. Godparents and guests may wonder what the most appropriate gifts are for this event that celebrates the infant’s entrance into the faith and the etiquette surrounding baptism gifting. Gifts may differ in accordance with a particular branch of Christianity. The following tips will help godparents and guests select an ideal gift for this special occasion.

Baptism Gifting - Essentials for Godparents and Guests


Godparents play a special role in the baptism ceremony or christening, as it is sometimes called, as well as in the life of the child. Many godparents choose religious gifts to offer to the infant, which is quite fitting for this religious ceremony. Moreover, it is traditional for parents of the child to offer gifts to the godparents, as well, for the important role they play. In the Orthodox Church, it is customary for Godparents to pay for the baby’s christening gown and cross necklace. Regardless of the branch, it is usual for godparents to present the child with religious gifts.

According to Practical Etiquette, “time-honored gifts of silver are most appropriate coming from godparents.” Some godparents may choose a traditional silver cup with the child’s name engraved on it. Christening silver is a timeless and elegant heirloom gift. Sterling silver cup and spoon sets are also popularly given for christenings. A silver anklet or bracelet makes ideal gifts too.

Gifts from Close Family

Close relatives may also want to choose a religious or heirloom gift to present the child for their christening. Antique bonnets, crocheted gowns, or porcelain figurines are ideas to keep in mind. Keepsake books, frames, and religious books are items family members may wish to consider as christening gifts too. Family may also wish to give practical gifts like blankets, quilts, or special outfits.

Gifts from Extended Family and Friends

According to, a gift from family and friends “doesn’t need to be expensive but it should be special.” Consider specialized gifts like necklace with an engraved name on a charm. A silver photo album with an engraved name is also special. If you knit or crochet, consider a handmade bonnet, hat, booties, or blanket.

Of course, there are other gift ideas to consider that are perfectly practical. If you know the family needs something in particular such as a nursery item or clothing items, you can certainly offer such gifts. You might also consider a beautiful wall hanging or picture for the infant’s room to remind the child of this special occasion. Some people may also wish to present the child with a savings bond or gift card.

These are various gift ideas to consider if you play a special role in the baptism or are invited to the ceremony or its reception. Choosing a meaningful gift to commemorate this special occasion is ideal as some day the child will understand the day’s importance. The special gifts he or she still has growing up will demonstrate what a meaningful day the christening surely was.


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