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20 Perfect Easter Gift Ideas For Sunday School

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Help spread the news of the resurrection of Jesus this Easter at during Sunday school, and brighten the children’s day with fun gifts that fit perfectly into the Easter holiday. I have some wonderful gifts ideas perfect for Sunday School! If you are thinking of giving each child a small gift or incorporate the gift into a Sunday school teaching you are in luck, I have some great ideas below. Easter is one of the biggest holidays in a church, so why not shower the children with fun gifts.

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Perfect Easter Gift Ideas For Sunday School

No Greater Love Bracelets

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These bracelets will be a constant reminder that there is no greater love than God in this world, each time they look at their wrist.

Scripture Scrolls

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These are great fillers for little treat bags or to give a bunch of kids a small little gift.

Joy For Jesus Notepads

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I love these fun little notepads for the kids to draw or write in. Each cover has a fun Jesus theme going on.

Resurrection Eggs

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Inside this set of eggs tells the full story of Easter to the children. Great for teaching and if you don’t have that many kids, you could buy each child a set of eggs.

He is Risen Eggs

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Inside the Easter eggs is a little Jesus figurine to resemble Jesus rising from the dead.

Religious Stampers

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Here is a fun pack of stampers that are religious themed. Each child can have one or two and have a fun stamp for paper or even on their arms or hands.

God’s Love Bracelet

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Another kind of bracelets to hand out to all the children. I love the fun colors of these.

Easter Bookmarks

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This is a great item to stuff in goodie bags or just hand out to each child. They are bookmarks that the kids can use for their next book they decide to read.


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Give the kids a fun old school toy like these yo-yo’s to let them see if they can master the up and down motion!

Chick Wind up Toys

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Chickens are so popular during the Easter season, so give a fun chick wind up toy, and let the kids race them to see whose is the fastest.

Cross Necklaces

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Bright and bold cross necklaces are always fun. I love the variety of colors that it comes with so each kid will be able to stand out.


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These are religious tattoos that are all Jesus themed. From little sayings to just images, they will be a fun gift for any kid.

Cross Maze Puzzles

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I remember playing with these fun maze puzzles when I was little, it was always fun moving that tiny ball down from start to finish as fast as possible.

Bible Verse Coins

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On each coin has a simple Bible verse. These coins are great to help the child have the coin with them to help memorize the verse on it.

Bouncy Balls

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Religious theme bouncy balls for your child to play with and also have a reminder of God’s unconditional love for each of us.

Religious Pencils

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This is very affordable especially if you have a lot of kids in Sunday school! These are religious pencils that make a simple gift.

Prayer Stickers

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What doesn’t kid love stickers? I know pretty much any child will love a sticker or two, and these are prayer stickers, which makes them even more fun and fit the Sunday school theme.

Wood Cross Kits

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Let the children make their own wooden crosses. You can incorporate this craft into your Sunday teaching, for an added message to each child.

Magnet Craft

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Another fun gift you can give is this magnet craft. Let them have fun making their magnets, and then they can hang them it home for a reminder!

Bible Activity Pads

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Give out these fun activity pads that are based on the Bible. Comes in a set so perfect if you have quite a few kids to buy for.

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