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Mother's Day Gifts for Coworkers | What to buy my colleague for Mothers' Day | Mother's Day presents for employees | How to celebrate Mother's Day at work | Nice gestures for coworkers

You work with a great bunch, so when Mother’s Day approaches, you want to get something nice for a fellow coworker who is a mom. Since she isn’t your mom, and you guys aren’t family, it may be a bit tough to figure out what to get her. Check out some of these gift ideas, …

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20 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Coworkers | Valentine's Gifts for Colleagues | What to get my office mates for valentine's day | Creative work appropriate valentine's day presents | fun office party ideas

Are you at a loss for what to get for your coworkers on Valentine’s Day? It can be tough, because sometimes you are close, but sometimes you don’t know much about them either. Try some of the ideas listed below, some are great for anyone and there are also some that are good for when …

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Gift Ideas for My Employees at Christmas | Gifts for Direct Reports | What to buy my team for Christmas | Christmas Gifts for coworkers | Boss gifts

Finding gift ideas for your employees this Christmas will never be as easy as this . We know how difficult it is to choose gifts for family and friends, let alone employees. Choosing gifts for them is the same as The Game of Thrones… I want to be ok with it, but I am not. …

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20 best gifts in a bottle

There’s an allure to the classic message in a bottle idea… so many amazing things can live inside of a bottle. We’re not just talking about wine, either, which can definitely live inside of a bottle! We’re running with the idea and rounded up a selection of creative gifts in a bottle that you can …

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We get it, honestly we do. We know not everyone is a bright and cheery person in the morning…well at least not until they get their coffee. However, with one of these coffee mugs, you will find yourself becoming more cheerful while your coffee brews. Here are 20 coffee mugs that will cheer you up …

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