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20 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Coworkers

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Are you at a loss for what to get for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for coworkers? It can be tough because sometimes you are close, but sometimes you don’t know much about them either. Try some of the ideas listed below, some are great for anyone and there are also some that are good for when you know them really well too!

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Let Your Coworkers Feel The Love This Valentine’s Day 

And eat some chocolate too! These are great non-romantic office gifts when you want to show everyone you’re thinking of them on a special holiday like Valentine’s Day. Who says giving out goodies to everyone has to stop when you’re a kid! 

Let them know how impressive they are with this valentine's day gift ideas for coworkers!

Funny Coworker Valentines “Happy February 14th”

This set of “Happy February 14th” funny valentines, complete with envelopes, will give all of your coworkers a good laugh… and maybe even yourself as well!

hand cream assortment

12 Pack of Hand Cream

A lot of offices are dry so lotion will be a welcomed gift for coworkers, especially during the winter. This pack of 12 is a great budget-friendly way to give a little something to your coworkers without leaving anyone out.

Wish you a latte love card

Latte Love Gift Card Holder

This is a super cute way to give a Starbucks or local coffee shop gift card to your coworkers for Valentine’s day. It’s a nice little gesture that will go a long way.

Box of Gourmet Candies

These gourmet candles from Sweetology are delicious. We only had the chance to try one box, but I love that there are so many different flavor options to choose from. You could easily order in bulk for everyone in the office!

We Tried This One!

hands on experience with sweetology candy

“I’m fussy about candy so I really appreciated that these aren’t just fancy packaging. After sampling I can confirm actually good quality candy inside. ” – Everett.

With this valentine's day gift ideas for coworkers, you can let them know you love them and donuts.

“I donut know what I’d do without you” Coffee Mug

Your coworkers help you get more done in the day, or they provide support for you to get through those hard days. Get them a “I donut know what I’d do without you” coffee mug for Valentine’s Day to show how much you appreciate them.

This valentine's day gift ideas for coworkers let's them know they're the balm!

“You’re the balm” Valentine’s Day Chapstick

Your coworker is the “balm” for sure! This is a fun inexpensive gift idea that they’ll definitely appreciate in the dry winter air of February. 

This valentine's day gift ideas for coworkers will remind them to stop and smell the flowers.

“Believe” Inspirational Mousepad

This inspirational mouse pad will help give the oomph they need to get their computer work done. 

This valentine's day gift ideas for coworkers is sure to help them relax.

Personalized Donut Bath Bomb

Personalized this donut bath bomb with their name, and give them the excuse to relax. You can even purchase these in a pack of four for four different coworkers too!

Personalized Burlap Tote Bag

Let’s face it, you and your coworkers have a lot of “gear” to bring to work each day. Help a friend out with their very own burlap tote bag that sports their name!

Valentine's day gift ideas for coworkers for when you'd rather snack than work.

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Pencil

Yum! Who wouldn’t want to eat a Valentine’s Day chocolate pencil? Chocolate is one of my go to Valentine’s Day gift ideas for coworkers.  

This valentine's day gift ideas for coworkers reminds them to march to the beat of their own drum.

“You are the perfect type of weird” Wall Art

For the coworker that is a bit weird, they will love hanging this wall art up in their cubicle or office! You can also get smaller art cards if you’d like to give something to everyone in the office, too. 

Anytime you need to be professional, this valentine's day gift ideas for coworkers has your back.

“Day drinking from a mug to keep things professional” Coffee Mug

We all have those days where wine, or another alcoholic beverage, just seems perfect during the day. While they may not be able to drink alcohol at work, they can always pretend with this mug!

Valentine's day gift ideas for coworkers for when they want to strangle someone.

Set of 12 Fun Face Stress Balls

Give each of your coworkers a fun face stress ball for those days they feel like wringing others’ necks, but can’t, and need a healthy outlet! These silly stress balls are a great budget-friendly idea to put a smile on your coworkers’ face.s

This valentine's day gift ideas for coworkers will help them snack the way to their heart.

Valentine’s Day Peppermint Patties

These Valentine’s Day peppermint patties are both delicious and fun! Here are some more candy ideas for the office.  

Valentine's day gift ideas for coworkers for your work wife.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to My Work Wife” Journal

If you have a “work wife,” she will love this journal. 

“I’m not feeling very worky” Coffee Mug

The cat lover who hates work will get a kick out of this “I’m not feeling very worky” cat coffee mug! We have more coffee ideas here

Valentine's day gift ideas for coworkers to help them leave notes.

Personalized Custom Stationery

When you work in an office setting, your coworkers definitely need personalized custom stationery for their note writing. This would also be a great gift for your staff or clients, too. 

A pent pot is perfect for valentine's day gift ideas for coworkers.

Valentine’s Day Heart Daisy Flower Pen Pot

Everyone loses pens easily, but this way they will be able to keep track of them much easier! Super cute for Valentine’s Day! 

When all else fails, this is a perfect valentine's day gift ideas for coworkers.

9-Piece Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for chocolate, and these are glamorous chocolates too. 

Because sometimes valentine's day gift ideas for coworkers need to speak the truth!

“I work hard so my dog can have a better life” Coffee Mug

The dog loving friend at work is actually working their butt off to provide for their dog. You know it, they know it, and their dog knows it!

If they take their work home, this valentine's day gift ideas for coworkers is perfect for them.

Laptop Tray/Stand

When they need to take their work home, they can work more comfortably with this laptop tray.

A cute valentine's day gift ideas for coworkers for their desk.

“Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You” Gold Foil Print

Perfect for their wall at work, this “Be happy, be bright, be you” gold foil print is the perfect reminder to stay strong and get through work each day. 

This valentine's day gift ideas for coworkers will let them wear their ID in style.

Personalized Fine Leather Lanyard

When you and your coworkers have to wear your IDs at work, you all definitely need a personalized fine leather lanyard to hold it in! I love practical gift ideas like this one, especially when you don’t know what to buy your coworkers. 

Coworkers can sometimes be hard to buy for, but with this list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas it doesn’t have to be that way!

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