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40 Gift Ideas for Your Employees at Christmas

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Finding gift ideas for your employees this Christmas will never be as easy as this. We know how difficult it is to choose gifts for family and friends, let alone employees. Selecting gifts for them is the same as The Game of Thrones… I want to be ok with it, but I am not.


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Gift Ideas for Your Employees

 We’ve compiled a fun-filled list that will guarantee that every employee feels the love and Christmas spirit. Bring these to your holiday party or send them home with your employees this Christmas. 

Red wine sangria mix

gift ideas for your employees - Sangria mix

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Get your employees this mix – Organic keeps them healthy, healthy keeps them at work. Win-win situation.

Maple burl wood – Wine bottle stopper

Employee gift idea - maple burl wood

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This gift will stop leftover wine from spilling – IF there is leftover wine.

Custom coffee mug

Employees will love this custom coffee mug gift idea for your employees

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Give these mugs to your employees, because not everybody wants their name on everything. But if there happens to be a Merry and Bright working for you…This would be ideal.

Mug – My boss thinks I am a big deal

Boss mug funny gift idea for your employees

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This mug would have you PA so stoked!

Personalized Dry erase board

Practical gift ideas for your employees - dry erase board

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Well, some people love their names on stuff!!

French bulldog – Mousepad

Mousepad employee gift idea

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This gift will have them working hard to get to Paris…  Or maybe get a bulldog.


Cupsleeve gift ideas for your employees

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Anybody looking to reduce their carbon footprint and a sucker for a hot cuppa Joe would just die for this cupsleeve.

 Business card holder

Employee Christmas gift business card holder

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This gift will have her looking for reasons to work overtime.

Mug – There’s a chance this is wine

funny wine Christmas gift for your employees

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It doesn’t look like there’s gonna be leftover wine.

 Dark chocolate sea salt caramels

gift ideas for your employees - dark chocolate sea salt caramels

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Anybody worth their sea salt would give these chocolates!

Classic Christmas gift baskets

Classic gift basket employee Christmas gift idea

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They’ll go nutty over this gift. Well, chances are they were already.

Wine Gift set

Wine set gift ideas for your employees

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I’m still wondering if there’ll be leftover wine.

Wine and Truffles Gift


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Can’t go wrong with chocolates and wine.

Unisex Day off T-Shirt

Day off t-shirt funny gifts for your employees

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Give them these to wear on their Christmas day off.

Wooden easel with photo

Thoughtful employee Christmas gift idea - easel with photo

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These will have them happy for the gift of seeing their loved one all the time.

Cellphone holder

Cellphone holder Christams or Holiday gift for your employees

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To keep their phones out of harm’s way when they are on duty.

Chain Necklace

Chain necklace employee gift idea

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Chain them to the desk if you have to! Just kidding.

Personalized stainless steel servers

Personalised servers gift ideas for your employees

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No need to fight over these customized salad servers. A great reminder to eat salad after the Christmas feast.

Blue laptop bag

Blue laptop bag employee Christmas Holiday gift idea

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This stunning blue laptop bag will have heads turning in the accounts department.

Beaded lanyard

Employees love beaded lanyards - great gift idea for an employee

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Keeping things stylish at the office with these lanyards!

Cedar Travel Mug

Travel mug perfect Christmas gift idea for your employees

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Snowman says that the travel mug is just the ish this Christmas!

Desktop Punching Ball

Stress balls are so elementary! Instead, why not purchase a desktop punch bag for the male employees in your life? Honestly, it would work well for women, too.

Carbon Fiber Money Clip

Out with the leather and stainless steel, and in with the carbon fiber! These money clips aren’t just meant for bills and credit cards. They’re great business card holders as well!

Lego Ship in a Bottle

Okay, so this may not be the most cost-friendly gift, but this Lego ship in a bottle is perfect for both the family man and the bachelor. Just don’t catch them building it on the clock!

Personalized ID Badge Holder</h3

Be sure to order these cute ID badge holders early, so you can have them personalized for each one of your employees!

Inspirational Tumbler

Shy away from the old fashioned coffee mug and gift a double-wall insulated tumbler that is perfect for both hot and cold beverages! The saying on this mug is an ideal motivator for those extra trying days at the office.

Succulent Holder

Flowers wilt and die far too quickly. Instead, purchase some succulents, place them in these cute little holders. Then pass them out to all of the female employees.

Desktop Fountain

Desk space is precious. However, this relaxing fountain is just the right size for nearly any desk. It’s the perfect gift to help with a little brain break every now and then!

Gourmet Biscotti

Ditch the chocolates and give that coffee-loving employee of yours a classy box of biscotti. Maybe even purchase them a piping hot coffee, ready for dunking their tasty new treats in!

Journal and Pen

This cute little notebook comes in both black or pink, making it the perfect option for all of your employees!

Lightsaber Chopsticks

Do you have any employees that happen to be Star Wars fanatics? They’d probably love these light-up lightsaber chopsticks!

Magnetic Decision Maker

We all know someone who can’t make a decision if their life depended on it. Step aside Magic 8 Ball. This magnetic decision-maker is the new thing!

Infusion Water Bottle

Do you have a health-conscious employee who is always chugging water? Check out this infusion water bottle that will flavor water with the simple addition of fruit!

Desktop Tetherball

What better way to spend a quick brain break with fellow co-workers than this desktop tetherball!

Dual Foot Massager

This double foot massager is perfect for your employees, especially if they have a desk they can use it at. Though those who are on their feet will enjoy it equally as much at home.

Miniature Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Guy

Um, need I say more? Really. It’s the perfect desktop decoration!

Dinosaur Taco Holder

How fun would it be to hold a Taco Tuesday party and gift these dinosaur taco holders to each of your employees?!

Hookey Ring Toss

To play hookey, or not to play hookey! And no, this doesn’t permit your employees to do so! Haha!

Color Changing Bluetooth Speaker

This is perfect for bringing out to the patio on warmer evenings to add a little light, and play music all at once!

Desktop Shuffleboard

This cute little shuffleboard set is a great way to help employees loosen up in the office! Just try not to make any bets on who the winner will be, or you may regret it!

Army Guy Bottle Opener

It’s always all about the wine glasses and fancy corkscrews. What about a gift for those who prefer non-twist open beverages?

Gift-giving doesn’t have to be hard! Consider these great ideas when you are in need of a gift for your employees.

Is there a specific gift you enjoy handing out to your employees?

Gift Ideas for My Employees at Christmas | Gifts for Direct Reports | What to buy my team for Christmas | Christmas Gifts for coworkers | Boss gifts


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