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20 Welcome Wedding Gift Baskets

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Welcome wedding gifts are a fabulous way to welcome guests to your wedding, or those who are coming from out of town, with fun gifts. These could be edible goodies, fun things to do, useful items they can enjoy later, and more. Check out some of these ideas for your welcome wedding gift basket!

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Creative Welcome Wedding Gift Baskets

Make your guests feel loved on your special day with these unique gift ideas. 

Sweet and Salty Candy Coated Bliss

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You can get some of these sweet and salty candy coated bliss and divide into bags for the baskets; then it will give them something that will satisfy both their sweet tooth and their taste for something salty.

Amerta All Natural Insect Repellent

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If your wedding is outdoors and during bug season, some all natural insect repellent is necessary to keep them from being bit nonstop!

Blush Pink Floral Water Bottle Labels

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Keeping your guests hydrated is essential. Slap some blush pink floral water bottle labels on a couple of water bottles for the welcome wedding gift basket so they can stay hydrated through all of the festivities.

Custom Camp Mug

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Have your last name and wedding date put on this custom camp mug and include at least one, or maybe two, in the welcome wedding gift basket.

Mocha Monsoon Hot Cocoa Mix

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Pair this mocha monsoon hot cocoa mix with some mugs, like the one above or the ones below here, and they are set for some delicious cocoa.

Homemade Jam

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Set these in the basket with some crackers or just on their own so that they can enjoy some delicious homemade jam at home later.

Decorative Glass Floral Magnets

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These decorative glass floral magnets are beautiful, the flowers representing the wedding and the magnet part being useful to pin things up on the fridge at home.

French Mini Macaron Soap

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These cute French mini macaron soaps are great for decoration, just make sure you label them as soaps, so they don’t think they’re edible!

Greenery Water Bottle Labels

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If pink isn’t your thing, but you still want to keep your guests hydrated, give these greenery water bottle labels a try instead.

Smore Kit for Two

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Smores are fun to make. You can even have a bonfire at some point so that they can make their own smores.

Forest Camp Mug

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This forest camp mug is excellent if the couple loves camping and wants to pass that passion along to others, or their guests can just use it at home as a cup.

Pink and White Floral Magnets

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These floral magnets actually look like flowers and tie right into the wedding scene.

Mini Bath Bombs

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While they are staying in a hotel, or even at home, they can enjoy a luxurious bath with a mini bath bomb.

Custom Wine Glass

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Have your last name and wedding date put on these custom wine glasses, and maybe include a nice bottle of wine in the welcome wedding gift basket for them to enjoy later on.

Nebraska Gourmet Yellow Popcorn

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You can’t forget the popcorn and this way they can pop their own, so it is fresh and delicious!

Customizable Black Frame with Colored Arm Wayfarer Sunglasses

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If your wedding is in the summer or outdoors, you definitely need to include these customizable sunglasses.

Spa Bath Salts

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If you would rather include spa bath salts instead of bath bombs, then these are the ones to add. They come in different scents and little tubes, so you don’t even have to separate them yourself.

Mint to Be Tic Tac Labels

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These are adorable for your wedding, and they can pop mints as needed during or after the wedding.

Double Wall Glitter Tumbler

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Include these in the welcome wedding gift baskets for fun water or iced coffee drinking!

Coconut Sunscreen Balm

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Keep their skin from getting sunburnt while outside for the wedding or reception with the coconut sunscreen balm. The bonus is that they will smell really good too.

Welcome wedding gift baskets are more fun than just a bag, and especially fitting if your wedding is outdoors!

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