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20 Funny Cards for a Gay Wedding

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Weddings can be elegant and classy but they can also be a whole bunch of fun. If you’re invited to a same-sex marriage where bride and bride or groom and groom have a sense of humour grab them one of these funny wedding cards for a gay wedding.

I want to get married just so someone will get me some of these!

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Hilarious and Cheeky Gay and Lesbian Same-Sex Marriage Cards

Some of these cards are cute, others are pushing it to be a bit offensive. Either way they’re funny and your gay friends who love a good joke will love them over that mushy stuff. If you are feeling romantic, though, check out these 20 Beautiful Cards for a Gay Wedding instead.

Nothing Can Stop Our Love

Handsome men in uniform bravely defending themselves against adversary together. Swoon. This card is both too real and too cute.

Weddings Are So Gay

Gay in both the happy and in the “written in the colours of the pride flag” sense.

Liza Did It

They may not be wedding the iconic Liza Minnelli but the grooms you give this to will be treated like celebrities. Let them know how fabulous you think their wedding is.


Best to warn them now about what marriage has in store for them. It’s kind of a big deal.

Congratulations On Your Blasphemous Wedding

Be game, commit blasphemy! Don’t let the religious folks tell you what is and isn’t acceptable, but if they often do anyway, might as well lean in and embrace it with an apt congratulatory message.

Pair of Queens

How cheeky for the pair of queens in your life finally tying the knot. I’m sure the couple you give this to will be a pair that always wins in cards and at life.


Why did it take them so long to get married when they were obviously perfect for each other? Oh well. (Finally is written in the colours of the pride flag, by the way)

sleepover wedding card

Marriage is Like a Sleepover

A lot of same sex couples really are best friends and this is a cute way to acknowledge that special relationship you get when you’re able to truly marry your best friend.

I’m 99% Happy For You

Perfect for those engagements that you’re super happy for but also kind of jealous they’re engaged and not you and you thought you’d have someone by now and her fiancée is gorgeous— I mean, congratulations.

Two cards shown, one light blue that says "Congratulations! to a perfect couple! You complement each other so well...with two men holding hands, the other the same two men talking to each other one saying "you look fabulous" and the other saying "thank you, so do you!"

Complimentary Couple

Who doesn’t love a good pun? Perfect for a couple of guys who compliment each other.

She Put a Ring On It

Move over, Beyoncé, this girl gets things done herself. She liked it (her fiancée) so much she put a ring on it. Damn right!

New Toaster

Why is it that no matter how many things you have in your registry you get a dozen toasters when you get married? My good wedding toaster died a few months ago and I had to buy a new one so this card really speaks to me on a personal level.

Ew, Weddings Card

This one would be good for a gay wedding or if you’re gay and attending a wedding, tbh. If this isn’t your scene express your disgust for the whole wedding thing with this funny Schitt’s Creek inspired card.

Cheesiest Wedding Card

OK this one’ just plain cute. If you want a card that balances silly with wedding appropriate, this cheesy (get it) option is a winner.

Lesbihonest Card

I love a good pun, especially when it comes to funny gay wedding cards. Or in this case, a funny lesbian wedding card. Lesbihonest, this one’s pretty clever.

May Your Day Be Filled With…

Don’t you hate it when you make a typo on the wedding card you buy? Yeah, me too. Funny for a couple of guys on their wedding day to celebrate all the things they’ll be enjoying…

Wedding Day Hopes

A real fear for women, this card expresses the unique problem that only a coupled pair of cis women could suffer from on their wedding day. Hopefully they’re comfortable and cramp-free on their special day.

Eat, Drink, And Get Fat

Although everyone (especially women) feel the pressure to look good while dating, the gay scene is especially notorious for having unrealistic standards when it comes to fitness. Thankfully the happy couple (male, female, or enby) no longer needs to worry about such things; they’re married now.

Open Bar

A lot of gay couples have had to wait longer to get married, which means tying the knot while more established. More money = a better wedding, by which I mean greater chances of an open bar. Thank them appropriately for a really fun night with this card.

Honourable Mention: The All Purpose Card

A gender neutral card where you can just check off the most appropriate message and you’re golden. Boom. Done.

Congratulations on having a couple in your life with a sense of humour! If you don’t, well, good luck taking the flak for your funny card choice.

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