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20 Happy Little Bob Ross Gifts to Encourage Everyone

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So today I’m bringing you a happy little gift guide filled with wondrous gift ideas for yourself or someone in your life who loves the wholesome, encouraging words of Bob Ross. Gift giving is a lot like painting – it’s not about how great the item is, it’s about the thought and care put behind it. No matter how small giving a gift from the heart will never be a mistake.

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Happy Little Bob Ross Gifts to Encourage Everyone

Art of Chill Board Game

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I personally own this game and can attest its quality. Complete with your friends to be most chill and paint your way to victory by combining the right class Bob Ross paint colors and brushes.

Bob Ross Shirt

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Simply designed this shirt will let them share a more subtle Bob Ross reference to the world around them. Classic Bob Ross colors list down the simple black tee.

Happy Little Mints

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A great small gift or stocking stuffer for a fan of Bob Ross. Happy little mints to freshen their breath and a Bob Ross tin to keep them in.

Bob Ross Toaster

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Make breakfast a little more majestic each time Bob Ross’ face pops up on your friend or loved one’s toast. Add spreads to create your own work of art.

Bob Ross Figure

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Collectible figures are great gifts for fans who have everything, or you don’t know what to get them. It can be displayed in their home or office as a constant reminder to stay calm and believe in themselves.

Quote Playing Cards

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Game night has never been so inspiring. Each one of these playing cards has an image of his art on it along with popular Bob Ross quotes.

Bob Ross Bandages

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Because there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents.

Happy Little Tree Socks

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Wearing a cool pair of socks can really make someone’s day. With these, they can feel the Bob Ross love all the way to their toes.

Bob Ross Colouring Book

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Not everyone likes to paint and that’s OK. Instead, they can color in popular Bob Ross paintings with their favorite Cadmium Yellow, Sap Green, and Prussian Blue crayons.

Chia Pet

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It doesn’t matter how you grow you Bob Ross chia pet as long as you do your best.

Art Print

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Sometimes being a fan doesn’t mean having Bob Ross’ face on everything (although there’s nothing wrong with that too!). For these fans an art print of one of Bob Ross’ famous painting is the perfect gift idea.


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Subtle and handmade, this Bob Ross headband come in every size from adults all the way down to babies. A perfect baby shower gift!

Mini Painting Set

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Maybe they’re not super artistic but want to try out a little bit of painting. This set has everything they need to complete a small painting and the paint by numbers style will lead the way.

Bob Ross Phenomenon Book

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Every wondered how Bob Ross became the internet sensation he is today even though his show aired in the 80s and 90s? This book goes over the history of his cultural phenomenon.

Bob Ross Waffle Iron

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Art comes in many forms. Let yours out by using the waffle iron to make all kinds of homemade creations that would make Bob Ross proud.

Dog Ross Bandana

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For the four-legged fan. Obviously.

Color Changing Mug

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Just add hot beverage and watch Bob paint the scene before your very eyes! A little mini-episode of the Joy of Painting every morning.

Joy of Painting Subscription

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Get them caught up on every episode of the popular show. There are 31 seasons to enjoy.

Learn to Paint Book

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If the show isn’t enough let Bob Ross guide them through painting lessons with this book. It has everything from how to load your brushes to painting scenes. Also a great compliment to someone who’s already learning via the show.

Deluxe Painting Set

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If you really want to get a Bob Ross fan something special pick them up everything they need to get started with oil painting. This special set will make sure they have all the tools necessary to follow along with the show.

“I started painting as a hobby when I was little. I didn’t know I had any talent. I believe talent is just a pursued interest. Anybody can do what I do.”
― Bob Ross

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