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20 Ideas to Entertain Kids at Your Wedding

Ideas to entertain kids at your wedding is just what you need to keep them busy on your special day. Let’s face it, kids are adorable and are really fun to be around most of the time. When they get bored, they tend to act out by crying or messing with things they shouldn’t. Set them up for success at your big event by keeping them busy with these terrific ideas made to entertain them. Have a look and you will see the children will go wild for them!

Unique Ideas To Entertain Kids At Your Wedding

Keep all the little kids wildly entertained with these ideas. Then you can focus on enjoying your wedding day instead! If you are fortunate enough to have your reception in a large open space (especially somewhere with a nice breeze!), you should also look into getting at least a handful of kites like the ones here to keep the youngsters entertained.

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Set clipboards on the tables or have a station where the children can easily grab one. Coloring can keep kiddos entertained for hours. Printing some wedding themed pages will make the day even more special.

DIY Bubbles Refill Container

If you are having an outdoor wedding, then bubbles will be a huge hit! There will be so many giggles, smiles and laughs to keep the little ones entertained too. 

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