Engagement Gifts for Men - Part IV
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Engagement Gifts for Men – Part IV

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Engagement Gifts for Men

The previous list of engagement gifts for men was rather traditional, while this list of gift ideas is a tad more modern!  Remember that women traditionally receive rings, which have a lot of longevity, so it is generally nice to respond with a similar lasting aspect.

Season Tickets

Lots of guys are very into sports and love game tickets.  You could pick up a single pair of tickets or spring for a whole season (or partial season!).

Concert Tickets

As above – send him to a concert he won’t forget!  Consider making a whole weekend away out of it, for him and you or some friends.

Weekend Away

Would your spouse love a trip away with friends?  A pre-bachelor’s trip of sorts?  Maybe just a weekend away with the two of you, doing something he has always wanted to do.  Check out the various group purchase coupon sites to see if you can score yourself a deal and then pack those bags!

Tech Toys

These don’t quite have the longevity that I would recommend, however they should last a few years and get a lot of use.  Maybe pick up that new tablet or reader your man has been craving.

Camping Gear

Camping gear can be pricey, but it tends to last a rather long time.  Plus, if you buy camping gear for your fiance, it’s another way to spend some time together in the future!  A good sleeping bag, tent, stove, chair, backpack or pot set would be make a fantastic gift for your outdoor minded fellow.

Canoe and/or Paddle

Is your spouse interested in the great outdoors?  Do they kayak or paddle?  How about picking them up a new boat or a new paddle?

Pool Table

Now that you’re getting married, you’ve made a big commitment.  Buying a pool table is also a big commitment!  If you have space and funds, a pool table makes a fun and long lasting gift.

Cue Stick

Already have a pool table?  How about a fancy cue stick?  Don’t have a pool table but your friend or local pub does?  Go for the folding, travel type cue.


Lots of men yearn for more inches (will that sentence get me blocked by internet safety?!), so indulge them and buy them a new, large TV.  This is another gift that will be mutually beneficial, if you like to watch TV as well.

Bar Collection

A starter bar collection is a fun gift that works for almost anyone.  Set a budget and then pick up a wide selection of things that fit within it.  Make sure you know the tastes of your fiance before you end up with hundreds of dollars in liquor that they don’t like!  You could buy several bottles of scotch, or spring for that one pricey bottle of cognac.  Perhaps a selection of vodka, rum, whiskey and gin?  Maybe add in a set of glasses or some sort of cart or shelf to hold it all.

Experience Day

There are lots of companies out there offering “experience” packages, such as hot air balloon rides, race car driving and sky diving.  Find some activities that he has always wanted to do and put them together into an awesome day of experiences.

Car Rental

While it may not be in the budget to own a flashy sports car or a hummer, renting one for a weekend is much more feasible.  Put together a bit of a day trip or outing and rent your fiance the Audi TT he has always wanted.

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Do you have any further suggestions of engagement gifts for men?

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    1. No! This list is all about stereotypes, feel free to 110% ignore all of the male pronouns :-) I'm glad you like them… you could use it as a future suggestions list.

  1. I think the tickets are a great idea. It's too bad we don't live near any teams, but I guess if you're splurging, you could go on a trip as well.

  2. I'd love to purchase the bf an engagement gift. I guess I need to get him to propose first ;-) Bf's always talking about doing a weekend in Vegas, it would be the best of both worlds right? He'd get his weekend getaway and I'd get my ring!

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