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24th Musical Instrument Modern Anniversary Gifts for Her

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24th Musical Instrument Modern Anniversary Gifts For Her are terrific! Besides actual musical instruments, there are also gifts that have musical instruments on them, and they can be just as much, or more fun, than instruments themselves. There are so many great gifts listed right here!

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24th Musical Instrument Modern Anniversary Gifts For Her

These are unique anniversary presents she is going to love!

Ravel by Gemeinhardt 202SP Flute

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If she has ever had an affinity for the flute, a Ravel by Gemeinhardt flute will make an excellent gift.

Violin Watercolor Print

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This beautiful violin watercolor print will make a beautiful addition to your wall at home.

Yamaha Portable Keyboard with Power Adaptor

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It is never too late to learn how to play the piano, or keyboard in this case. She can play it anywhere in the house, with the power adaptor.

Musical Instrument Fabric

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If your wife is crafty or likes sewing, the musical instrument fabric would make a beautiful dress or blouse.

Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit 8 Piece Electronic Drum Kit

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There are traditional drums, and then there are electronic drums!

Leather Bound Musical Instrument Music Notes Journal

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She can keep actual music notes in her leather-bound journal with a musical instrument on the front, or just standard notes.

Kingso 8-Hole Soprano Descant Recorder

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Recorders may seem like they are just for kids, but they aren’t!

Meditation Shaker

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If she needs help relaxing, a meditation shaker just might help her meditate and reach the relaxation that she needs.

Ukulele Starter Kit

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When she gets a ukulele, she needs the whole starter kit to get her going and learn how to use it.

Button Accordion Shirt

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When I think of an accordion, I think of Steve Urkel playing his accordion on Family Matters, which makes this shirt a little bit funny to me.

Personalized Engraved Wooden Xylophone

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While mainly children may play xylophones, this personalized engraved wooden xylophone is fun for all ages, including for your wife. Plus, you really can’t beat something that is personalized just for her.

Remo Buffalo Drum

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This Remo Buffalo drum is perfect because it doesn’t take up much space.

Cello Necklace with Initial Charm

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A beautifully stunning cello necklace, with her initial on a charm, is one of the best gifts you could give her for your 24th wedding anniversary.

Fender Blues Deluxe Harmonica

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She can play all the blues she wants with her very own Fender blues deluxe harmonica.

Miniature Piano

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This miniature piano will be a super sweet piece of decor, and it is another option that doesn’t take up much space at all.

Donner Beginner Acoustic Guitar

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I have known people who have learned to play acoustic guitar on their own, from watching YouTube videos, but if she has an interest in genuinely learning, get her some lessons to go with this beautiful guitar.

Stringed Musical Instrument Collage Print

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The stringed musical instrument collage print will look beautiful on the wall in the living room or her office.

Adorox Silver Steel Hand Bell

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Whether she chooses to play the bell or just put it on a shelf to display, it is a simple but beautiful gift.

Violin Cookie Cutter

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Get the violin cookie cutter and then bake her some delicious violin-shaped cookies!

Tosnail Wood Handheld Tambourine

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This is another one that makes me think of a T.V. show. Every time I hear the word “tambourine,” I think of Angela being the “tambourine girl” and her song on George Lopez.

Musical instruments are really a ton of fun because your wife can make real music with them. Otherwise, they are also charming!

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