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20 14th Gold Jewelry Modern Anniversary Gifts for Her

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The modern anniversary gift for your 14th anniversary is gold jewelry. This list is full of such beautifully stunning jewelry that it will be hard to choose which one she will love best. She will like whatever you choose though, so have fun seeing what gold jewelry is here.

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Beautiful 14th Gold Jewelry Modern Anniversary Gifts for Her

We’ve curated a list of great gifts so that you can find the perfect one for your spouse.

Gold Crescent Moon Necklace with Black Diamonds

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Representing all the wonderful, and not so wonderful, the nights you have had together.

Solid 14K Gold Toe Ring

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If she is into the whole toe ring thing, she will absolutely love this solid gold toe ring to adorn her toes.

Dainty Half Moon Gold Necklace

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This dainty half moon gold necklace will look lovely on her neck.

Tiny Gold Disk Necklace, Blank or Personalized

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You can leave the tiny gold disk on the necklace blank or personalize it with her initial, either way; it is something very beautiful!

Triple Raw Blue Diamond Gold Ring

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A beautiful triple raw blue diamond gold ring to grace her delicate finger.

Gold Star “Y” Necklace

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Starry nights are romantic, and the gold star “Y” necklace is unique!

Gold Mickey Earrings

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For the Disney loving wife, the gold Mickey earrings will make her face light up when she opens them. She will want to put them on right away too!

Infinity Symbol Gold Bracelet

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You two are going to be together for infinity, so it’s only natural and beautiful for her to wear the symbol on her wrist.

Initial Gold Choker Necklace

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Put her initial on the gold choker necklace if she likes that type of jewelry. It will look so great with any dresses or another dressy outfit she chooses.

Rose Gold Heart Ring

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So simple, but such a great representation of your love for each other.

14K Gold Fill Heart Necklace

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14k gold for 14 years together with this gold fill heart necklace gracing her neck.

Gold Pearl Bracelet

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Pearls are stunning and paired with gold on the bracelet; they are sure to catch everyone’s eyes, including your wife’s as she wears them.

Aquamarine Glass Teardrop Gold Earrings

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The aquamarine glass in these teardrop gold earrings is simply one of the prettiest colors.

Chevron V-Shaped Necklace

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Depending on whether she likes the Chevron style, this V-shaped necklace is a great choice. Either way, it certainly pairs well with various types of outfits.

Gold Crescent Moon Necklace

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I know, another gold crescent moon necklace, but they really do make such fabulous gifts!

Gold Name Necklace

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With her name on a necklace, she will feel special wherever she goes.

Floral Rose Gold Photo Locket Necklace

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Place a photo of the two of you together, or your kids, in the floral rose gold photo locket necklace, and she can carry you all close to her heart every single day.

Gold Cat Necklace with Initial

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If she loves cats, she will surely love the gold cat necklace with her initial on it.

Elongated Gold Hoop Earrings

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These elongated gold hoop earrings will go nicely with any outfit!

Tiny Square Gold Ring

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This tiny square gold ring is a great choice for her because it is simply beautiful!

So many gold jewelry choices to celebrate your 14th gold jewelry modern anniversary this year! What will you choose?

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