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Best 38 Year Anniversary Gift Idea for Her

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The 38 year anniversary is a milestone that deserves to be celebrated properly! Many anniversary dates now have correlation modern themes to accompany traditional gemstones. This one’s a bit unique, since it’s commemorated by both the Beryl gemstone and the Tourmaline stone. Two stones means a whole lot of opportunities for 38 year anniversary gift ideas for her. Don’t worry, I want to help you find something unforgettable and unique!

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Unforgettable 38 Year Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Her

The downside to doing anniversary gift shopping on your own is the garbage you can run into. A lot of them time, it’s repetitive and junky customizable mugs, shirts and the like. To help you find the perfect 38th wedding anniversary gift for her, I’ve gathered some truly unique pieces. Get ready to celebrate an anniversary she’ll never forget!

So many of us fall into the trap of corny, sometimes cheapy and unappealing anniversary gifts. No longer! I hand picked each and every one of these 38 year anniversary gift ideas for her so you can shop stress-free!

Tourmaline Crystal Bowl

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She’ll love this modern take on a classic 38 year anniversary gemstone gift! This gemstone resembles a mortar and pestle, and provides holistic healing if that something that’s important to her!

Rose Gold Over Tourmaline Stud Earrings

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Keep her looking as classy and gorgeous as she did on the first year wedding anniversary! Her friends and family will gawk at these stunning tourmaline earring studs.

Black Raw Tourmaline Stone

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This unvarnished and underprocessed tourmaline stone is the perfect piece of decor for your wife! It’s a 38 year anniversary gift idea for her that has it all. It can bring peace to her workspace, as well as an eye-catching piece of home decor!

Wish From the Universe Bracelet

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This adorable bracelet features rainbow tourmaline stones to bring good luck to your spouse on her 38th wedding anniversary! It’s the perfect gift for her to remember you by wherever she is!

10mm Raw Black Tourmaline Bracelet

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This is a gorgeous handmade piece you can’t find just anywhere! These low processed tourmaline stones show off their natural splendor to make for a gorgeous gift idea for her!

Ralph Lauren Lace Dress in Beryl

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This dress has it all! Your wife will love this 38 year anniversary gift that will make her feel as gorgeous as you always remind her she is! Gift this dress to your wife right before you head out to an anniversary reservation to really impress her.

Lapis O Lupo Beryl Backpack and Sling

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Style is everything for women who want to dress it up on the daily! This backpack helps her achieve that fresh and colorful look! Not only that, but it also features the traditional 38 year anniversary color Beryl with an adorable clutch to accompany it.

Beryl Apple Watch Band

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Never stop accessorizing, that’s what I always say! Grab your wife this cute apple watch sport band in beryl so she can show off her 38 year anniversary gift pride everywhere she goes!

Tourmaline Wine Bottle Stoppers

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Wine bottle stoppers are an absolute necessity! Even if she’s already got a set, give her something to celebrate with this anniversary! These stoppers feature the traditional 38 year anniversary gemstone tourmaline. (They’ll also keep your wine hella fresh!)

925 Sterling Silver Necklace with Crushed Tourmaline

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Simple jewelry pieces like this sterling silver necklace are the perfect addition to your 38 year anniversary celebration! They’re subtle but classy, with a thoughtful touch of this anniversary year’s gemstone, Tourmaline.

Elliat Women’s Beryl Sheath Dress

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This dress is stunning. It features a rainbow Beryl color set in a sheath dress style for the ultimate summer anniversary party! Make her feel special, and remind her she’s as stunning as this year’s anniversary gemstone!

Chaco Woman’s Sport Sandal

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These sandals are all-around versatile and stylish! They’re great for the beach, the campgrounds and strutting into any PTA meetings! Give your wife the gift of comfort with these beryl colored sandals this anniversary!

Myra Beryle Upcycled Denim & Leather Bag

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This is a beryl colored bag that combines practicality with style. It’s a bit unconventional, with lots of character! Make her feel special with a bag she can use just about anywhere!

Silicone iPhone 11 Pro Max Protective Case

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Speaking of practicality, this iPhone case is the perfect match! This is an ideal 38 year anniversary gift idea for her she can take anywhere! It protects her device so you can always get ahold of her.

Pink tourmaline Tumbler

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The truth is, you can never have enough tumblers. That’s right, this luscious pink tourmaline inspired tumbler will be a much welcome companion if she’s big into exercise! Practical meets pretty in this one of a kind 38 year anniversary gift idea for her.

Kate Spade Women’s Beryl Aviators

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Want her to see how much she means to you? Seriously, these Beryl colored aviators by Kate Spade will send the point across. Show her your love for her comes in all styles with this versatile and classy set of sunglasses!

Gemstone Natural Beryl Bracelet

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Set in natural Beryl stones, this thick textured bracelet is perfect for taking on vacation this year! It has a lot of character and color. Show her how much she means to you with this one of a kind gemstone bracelet for her 38th anniversary celebration!

The Splendid Outcast: Beryl Markham’s African Stories

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This is another really unique take on the 38th anniversary gifting gemstone theme of ‘Beryl’. In her memoir, Beryl Markham describes her adventures in Africa. Grab her a copy of this book to tell her how much adventure she has to look forward to!

Blowfish Malibu Women’s Beryl Boot

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Stylish and sexy come together in these eye-popping boots! In a dark beryl tone, these boots are made for walking, and that’s just what she’ll do! She’ll love this thoughtful and attractive selection to her footwear collection this anniversary!

Hopefully, you’ve found just the right gift to celebrate her 38th year anniversary in style! I did my best to present a unique and thoughtful selection of gifts that can really make this year special. What did you think of these 38 year anniversary gift ideas for her? Is there anything else you can think of for a Tourmaline or Beryl gift?

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