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Best 27 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

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Spending time shopping for 27 year anniversary gift ideas for him can be lots of fun. I have made this list of unique and awesome gifts that are going to make him smile. He will be so glad to celebrate 27 years with you and he is going to love any of these amazing presents. Have a peek at these ideas!

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20 Thoughtful 27 Year Anniversary Gifts For Him

All of these gifts are thoughtful and he is going to be thrilled to receive any of them. They are the best way to celebrate such a big occasion in your lives. Check out this fantastic gift guide for inspiration! 

Just Married 27 Years Ago T-Shirt

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This t-shirt is a hilarious way to celebrate 27 years together. He is sure to get a chuckle out of it! Plus, the shirt is super comfy too.

27 Years Together Coffee Mug

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If your husband loves to drink coffee, hot cocoa, or tea then a mug is a great gift. As he sips on his warm drink he will be reminded of why he loves you.

King And Queen Bracelets

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Okay, so this gift idea benefits you too! These adorable bracelets that say king and queen are a wonderful way to get a laugh!

Bartender Kit Accessories

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If your husband loves to make mixed drinks then this set is perfect for him. Everything you need to make the best cocktails are in this set.

Whiskey Decanter

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If your husband loves whiskey then one of these decanters will be perfect for him. Surprise him with this awesome gift!

Lover Hands Sculpture

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The modern gift for the 27th year anniversary is sculptures. This sculpture is incredible and will be very appreciated.

Wedding Anniversary Plate

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This anniversary plate can be customized and is truly beautiful. He is going to love this gift idea!

Cheese Board Set

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Cheese boards always make a fantastic gift. Especially, if your husband loves to entertain. He will love this style.

Personalized Pocket Knife

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I’m sure your husband will love this new personalized pocket knife. He will think of you when he uses it too.

Anniversary Rock

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Your husband can carry this anniversary rock with him everywhere he goes. Such a great idea he is going to enjoy!

Message In A Bottle

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A message in a bottle is a romantic gift idea that is a wonderful way to celebrate your union. 27 years of amazing memories together means so much!

Personalized Photo Gift

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Use a wedding photo or one of your favorites of the two of you. Each gift is custom made and is absolutely stunning.

I Love You Soundwave Art

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Instead of choosing a gift that is ordinary, choose something extraordinary like this soundwave art gift.

I Wrote A Book About You

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This book has fill in the blanks and is a light-hearted fun book. It’s a lovely way to celebrate your anniversary.

BBQ Grill Set

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If your hubby is a fan of grilling food he is going to be so excited about this grill set. It’s awesome and has everything he would need.

Beard Grooming Kit

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He will love keeping his beard on point with this set. I’m sure he is going to appreciate this beard grooming kit.

Nut And Bolt Sculpture

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Here is another sculpture option that’s a great present idea to celebrate 27 years together. He is going to love this! It’s pretty rustic and manly too. 

Engraved Wallet Insert

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Everytime he opens his wallet he will be reminded of your love for him and the 27 years you have had together. Even if he isn’t into mushy gifts, he will be touched by this one. 

Anniversary Gift Sign

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This is a fun and unique gift idea that is sure to impress him. It has the date of your wedding and is made from various license plates. So cool!

Funny T-Shirt

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If you’ve been together for 27 years, your husband already knows you are hilarious! This shirt will confirm what he already knows and he is bound to laugh at it. 

I hope you have enjoyed these 27 year anniversary gift ideas for him. Each gift is sure to make him smile and make his heart happy.

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