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20 Best Gifts for Hoverboard Users – and Wannabe Hoverboard Users

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As the hoverboard becomes more and more popular, there becomes a huge demand for accessories, guides, and other gifts to give hoverboard users. But what do you give someone who is just starting out on a hoverboard – or someone who really wants to start using a hoverboard? Here are the 20 best gifts for hoverboard users and wannabe hoverboard users in 2017.


Fitbit Charge HR

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This Fitbit tells the time, keeps track of their heart rate, their steps, their stairs/slopes climbed, and keeps track of calories burned. It basically does everything but teach someone how to use a hoverboard.


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Keep all their gear together with this backpack.

Plastic Traffic Cones

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The perfect obstacles for a hoverboard course.

Fake Grass Rug

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A rugged terrain for them to start learning on.

Knee Pads

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Keep their knees safe with these knee pads.

Elbow Pads

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Same goes for their elbows.


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Keeping their head safe is an absolute priority. You cannot use a hoverboard without a head.

Ice Pack

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In case of falling.

DSLR Camera

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A camera so that they can record all of their awesome moves.

Cell Phone Camera Lens

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If a camera is not in the budget, then check out this cool camera lens for cell phones.


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Keep that camera stable and eliminate the need for a cameraman with this tripod.

Flexible Mini Tripod

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The mini tripod is necessary for shots near the ground.

Lifeproof Phone Case

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Make sure their phone is safe while they are learning how to ride with this Lifeproof phone case.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Now they can listen to music while they ride around.

Hoverboard Charger

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Having an extra charger on hand is a great idea for everything, but it’s a really good idea for a hoverboard.

Hoverboard Bag

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Store their hoverboard for long journeys on foot to the skate park.

Hoverboard Bumper

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A great precautionary measure for hoverboard users. Comes in tons of great color choices.

Hoverboard Beginners Guide

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A simple guidebook for the beginner hoverboard user.

Hoverboard Tricks Book

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Help them bring their hoverboard knowledge up a notch with this book full of hoverboard tricks.

Hoverboard Skin

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Now they can choose whatever color they want for their hoverboard skin.

Those are 20 best gifts for hoverboard users and wannabe hoverboard users. Tell us your favorite ideas in the comments section below, and if you get any of these, be sure to let us know! We are @UGifter on Twitter and @UniqueGifter on Instagram.

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