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20 40th Birthday Gifts for your Dad

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It’s not easy getting the perfect gift. We’ll help you out, though, our 20 perfect gift ideas for Dad’s 40th birthday will have you high up on his favourite list – Even if you were already there.

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40th Birthday Gifts for Your Dad

Wireless Power Bank

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This power bank will have him all powered up!

Men’s Turtleneck

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Keep him warm this fall. Dad will love you to the moon and back.

Mug – Made in 1977

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Dad will never forget his birth year ever again! All his original parts will be kept warm.

Lab Series – Face treatment

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Metrodad is all about great grooming. This facial treatment will be a winner.

Bluetooth knit hat

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This hat will not only keep him warm, but have him listening to his favourite tunes too.

Vintage canvas bag

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This messenger bag will keep those messages coming. Well , the least it will do is have him looking snazzy.

Leather Wallet

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Keep his cards and notes neatly piled. Comes in quite handy when it’s time to fork over your allowance.

Old Man Facial Hair Set

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Remind him this is not him, YET! So he needs to chill, when you’re looking for a day with your crew.

Men’s Health Magazine

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This gift is perfect for Dad that wants to get healthy.

Stainless Steel Guitar Pick

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This gift will remind him of you every time he does a Drop D.

Gamer Socks

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And if your dad is an eager gamer… What am I thinking? Off –course he is!

Bear T-Shirt

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Yogi lover dad just wouldn’t bear to be without this.

Men’s leather bracelet

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Bonding with dad could turn out to be a literal task.

Wanderlust World Map

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Remind dad of his vagabonding days.

Floral Tie

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Everybody needs that not so awesome tie in their closet.

Crochet slippers

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Uhmmmm… I don’t know, but you can try.

Pacman retro stickers

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These retro stickers will take him down memory alley.

Harem pants

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Get him a magic carpet at his next birthday.

Octopus beanie

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If dad loves to pretend he is Doctor Octopus, this beanie is ideal for him.

Kermit the frog – Hat

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When dada checks out your Instagram and he be like “U posted a half naked pic of yourself on Instagram and you got less than 30 likes But that’s none of my business”


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