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20 Christmas Gift Ideas Your Teen Will Love

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Teenagers are sometimes SO hard to buy for. But don’t worry, this Christmas season, we at Unique Gifter have you covered. Here are 20 Christmas gift ideas your teen will love.

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Yoshi MacBook Sticker

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With Nintendo coming back with their big release of the Switch, fans of the characters are coming out in full force to show their pride. Plus, this Yoshi decal is just plain cute.

Blooming Laptop Case

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Keep their laptops safe and clean with a beautiful laptop case. This one has pretty flowers on it.

Wood Outdoors Phone Case

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Comes in day and night. Both are absolutely gorgeous.

Transparent Marble Phone Case

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More of a transparent fan? Check out these phone cases with an edgy broken marble stripe down them.

Wooden Phone Nightstand Valet

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Keep their phones charged, their headphones and watches near, and everything in one place with this nightstand valet.

Letters to Myself Journal

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A perfect project to promote self-awareness and self-love.

Leather Journal

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The best place for them to keep their letters to themselves. Or just a great gift so that they can start writing out their thoughts.  Teen Christmas Gifts | Christmas Ideas for Teenagers | Gifts for Guys | Gifts for Boys | Gifts for Gals | Gifts for Girls | Christmas Present Ideas for Teens

Baby It’s Cold Outside T-Shirt

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A cute t-shirt with a classic Christmas song title on it.

Blue Elephant Poster

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In the past couple of years, elephants have become the thing for people to obsess over. This painting is a great addition to their bedroom.

Aviator Silver Mirror Glasses

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Aviators never die out.

Mermaid Tail Blanket

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These blankets are a HUGE hit with the teen crowd. They come in so many colors. This one looks like it has “scales” woven into it.

Nintendo Switch

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The big new gaming console this year. Great for beginning games and seasoned pros.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Game

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This game is a great single-player game for the Nintendo Switch.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Game

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This multiplayer game for the Nintendo Switch is a definite party.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Music is so important to a teenager. Let them listen to their music anywhere with this wireless Bluetooth speaker.

Beats Headphones

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If you don’t want to hear your teen’s music all the time, then consider getting them some Beats headphones. These hold up great and are super well-known.

TV Monitor

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Not necessarily for TV use though. This can connect to laptops and is perfect for streaming movies and computer games.

How to Cook Everything

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It may be time for your teen to learn how to cook. Start them off with this great basics cookbook.

Apple iPod Nano

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An iPod is great for storing and listening to music.

Stay-or-Go Blender

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This blender is great because you can blend your smoothies then take the plastic tin right out and use it as a cup. So convenient.

There are 20 Christmas gift ideas that your teen will love. Which idea was your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments. If you decide to get any of these, go ahead and tell us! We are @UGifter on Twitter and @UniqueGifter on Instagram.

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