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20 Birthday Gift Ideas for Seniors

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Whether you need to get a birthday gift for a parent, a grandparent, a friend, or an aunt or uncle, any one of these gift ideas would be a great fit for them! Think about what kinds of things they like and choose something that will bring them joy! There are so just many ideas here…

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Birthday Gift Ideas for Seniors

Red Peony Floral Print

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Red peonies are beautiful, and this simple peony floral print is so pretty for your loved one to hang up on their wall!

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Candle: Eucalyptus Spearmint

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Eucalyptus is soothing, add in a splash of mint and you’ve got the recipe for calming scents. Grab this Bath & Body Works aromatherapy candle to help your loved one relax.

Microfiber Heart Print Blanket

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Everyone loves a cozy, snuggly blanket to curl up with, especially when it’s cold. The blanket has a heart on it and will let them know that you love them!

Small Stone Angel Figurine

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This angel can fit anywhere, it is small and compact. It will remind them that they are not alone and are being watched over.

“I’ve reached the age where happy hour is a nap” Sign

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A comedic gift for that special family member or friend who likes to take a nap. Most of us can relate, no matter what age we are!

“Live, laugh, love” Picture Collage Frame

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Picture collages are nice to look at and they allow your family member or friend put more than one picture together. They can be related pictures or not, and it will still look awesome!

Silver Adeco Scarf

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Scarves are nice gifts to keep your loved one warm and feeling cozy. It can be worn for warmth and style!

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for the Young at Heart

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This Chicken Soup for the Soul book is perfect for those who are young at heart and need inspiring stories to read.

Golfweek Magazine Subscription

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For that loved one who enjoys golfing, get them this year’s subscription to the Golfweek Magazine!

“The best parents get promoted to grandparents” Tote Bag

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Your loved one who is becoming a grandparent, whether because you’re giving them a grandchild or because they are already a grandparent, will enjoy this tote bag for carrying things as they go about their lives.

Favorite Grandchild Coffee Mug

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A humorous gift from a grandchild to their grandparent, a coffee mug that says, “I love how we don’t have to say out loud that I’m your favorite grandchild” and is personalized with the grandchild’s name.

John Wayne: The Ultimate Collection of 25 Movie Classics

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The John Wayne movies are classics, especially for people who watched them in the era they were first released. This allows your loved one to relive the glory of these movies in DVD form.

The Shirley Temple Collection

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Another set of movies that is perfect for those who enjoyed them when they originally released or shortly afterwards. They are classics and such fun movies to watch!

Monogrammed Knit Cap

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Get your loved one this monogrammed knit cap with their initials on it. That way it is so much more special and personalized.

Floral Cat Figurine

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Perfect for that loved one who likes to display figurines, a cute white and blue floral cat figurine to put up in their house!

“I love you lots” Keychain

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A keychain to remind your loved one of how much you love them and a nice place for them to hook their keys on!

“Live a life full of love” Collectible Plate

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This collectible plate reminds your loved one what life is really about, loving others and showing them how much you care.

Engraved Leather Journal

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You can get this leather journal and have it engraved with something that shows what your loved one likes, or even their initials or a heart. It will be that much more special for them to write in with that extra touch!

Kitchen Gatherings Sign

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Family gatherings will always be a special time for family members. The kitchen is a hub of these gatherings, where all the food gets prepared. Get this kitchen gatherings sign for someone who loves to host family meals!

Yes to Cucumbers Calming Night Cream

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Your loved one deserves to have a cucumbers calming night cream to put on before bed, to be relaxed and moisturized!

The “seniors” in our lives deserve nice birthday gifts. We love them and they love us, and there’s no greater gift than one from the heart.

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