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20 80th Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Grandpa

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Your grandpa is turning 80! Wow, how amazing is that? That’s a fantastic milestone birthday. Show him how much you love him and want him to have an awesome birthday by getting him any one of these gifts!

Stumped about what to get granddad? Check out this list of awesome 80th birthday gift ideas for Grandpa | Birthday Gifts for Seniors | Gifts for Grandparents | Creative Presents


80th Birthday Ideas for your Grandpa

“My House, My Chair, You Go Sit Over There” Throw Pillow

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Perfect for that grumpy grandpa or one who loves his chair and won’t let anyone else sit in it. Get him this throw pillow to place on his chair to warn people away from sitting in it!

Family Birthday Board Calendar with Hooks

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There are often a lot of birthdays to remember in each family, so why not get your grandpa a family birthday board calendar with hooks to help him see the birthdays at a glance?

“Grandpas are there to help children get into the mischief they hadn’t thought of yet” Sign

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This cute little sign is perfect for that mischievous grandpa who likes to get his grandkids into mischief too. It’s totally hilarious to them and they enjoy this interaction with each other!

“I’m not retired, I’m a professional grandpa” Tee Shirt

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If he’s proud to be a grandpa to all his grandkids, get him this tee shirt that says, “I’m not retired, I’m a professional grandpa.”

Grandpa’s Candy Jar

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Grandpas like to give candy to their grandkids and this Grandpa’s Candy Jar is perfect for that, it even says “Grandkids Only” at the bottom!

Grandpa & Me Picture Frame

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A personalized gift is always thoughtful. Place a picture of you and your grandpa in this picture frame to give to him for his birthday and he will treasure it!

“I make beer disappear, what’s your superpower?” Beer Mug

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For the grandpa that is also a beer connoisseur, this beer mug is the perfect birthday gift!

Dr. Scholl’s Rejuvenating Foot Warmer

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Cold can seem even colder as we get older, and your grandpa might appreciate this foot warmer for those occasions where he needs toasty toes.

“My favorite people call me grandpa” Tee Shirt

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Another lovely shirt for the proud grandpa! Get your grandpa this shirt for his birthday so you can remind him of what an awesome grandchild you are!

Dr Scholl’s Slippers

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Give your grandpa the gift of warm feet as he walks around his house. These slippers are also very comfortable and cozy!

“Papa, the man, the myth, the legend” Bottle Opener Keychain

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If your grandpa enjoys drinking beer, get him this handy-dandy keychain with a beer opener and a nice little quote that will also boost his mood!

Golf Club Coat and Hat Rack

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Does your grandpa like to golf? Get him this golf club coat rack to display his coats and hats. He can easily see which one to pick, and keep things organized and stylish at the same time.

Charlie Brown and Snoopy Silhouette Dictionary Print

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Charlie Brown and Snoopy are classic characters. For the scholar of a grandpa, there is also a dictionary page as the background in this print that he can hang on the wall.

Leather Photo Bookmark

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Personalize this leather photo bookmark with a photo of yourself or someone else in your grandpa’s life. He can mark his place in a book or a magazine, and look at his favorite person’s picture at the same time.

Chicken Soup for the Grandparent’s Soul Book

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If your grandpa likes to read inspirational stories, or you feel it will lift his mood to do so, snatch up this Chicken Soup for the Grandparent’s Soul book for him to read.

“Live, laugh, love” Photo Album

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A photo is worth a million words, and this album holds two hundred. You can collect stray photos from family members to place in the album and make it a group project for his birthday, or simply put together some that you have handy and help him add to it later on!

World’s Best Grandpa Travel Mug

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This World’s Best Grandpa travel mug will come in handy when your grandpa has to go somewhere and hasn’t had a chance to sit and enjoy his coffee. He can simply take it with him!

I love you Tie Clip

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Get your grandpa this tie clip for his birthday and remind him that you love him at the same time.

“Not everyone looks this good at eighty” Coffee Mug

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Tell your grandpa that he still looks good as he turns 80 by getting him this coffee mug for his birthday!

Old Soul Wooden Sign

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Your grandpa might get a kick out of this wooden sign that highlights his old soul. He has been through a lot of life as he turns eighty and he should be proud of it!

Your grandpa is celebrating a big birthday, so be sure to give him a thoughtful and meaningful gift, whether it’s sentimental or humorous. He will surely enjoy it more if it means something!

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