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20 STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for a 7 Year Old Girl

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If you need to get a birthday gift for a 7 year old girl you should totally consider a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) gift. Whether she’s into science or not, these STEM birthday gift ideas for a 7 year old girl are both seriously fun and totally inspirational all at the same time.

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STEM Birthday Gift Ideas for a 7 Year Old Girl

You never know where your STEM birthday gift might lead… MIT, Google, NASA, who knows?

Colour Mysteries Kit

A fun and obviously colourful introduction to science experiments! I mean what 7 year old girl wouldn’t want to create their own rainbow?

Glitzi Globe Dome Maker

This kit has everything a 7 year old girl needs to make her own cute and creative snow globes. She’ll learn to build the snow globes using the parts and glue. Then she can decorate them however she likes!

weather science lab kit

Weather Science Lab Kit

Weather Science Lab kit is a great gift for girls who like to get outdoors. This kit will transform them into a meteorologist so that they can measure the rainfall, record the weather and build their own wind meter. Pretty cool!

Roominate Chateau

This building kit was especially designed by two female engineers who chose their careers because of the toys they played with as kids. It’ll teach girls basic spatial skills which are key to success with STEM and even how to design basic circuits!

marble run set

Marble Run

Marble Run never gets old! It teaches motor skills and basic physics principles and will inspire future engineers who love to get creative.

Circuit Beats

This cute gadget in pastel colours will turn ANYTHING into a music instrument! Girls can put on the brilli cat-ear shaped earphones to listen to their compositions. No need for a drum kit, just give them a bag of apples instead!

squishy circuits set

Squishy Circuits

These adorable circuit kits are so much fun for creating unique electrically charged creations. Since play dough is made from salt it conducts electricity which makes this gift the perfect combination of creative outlet and STEM learning for a 7 year old girl.

Frogy Robot

Ribbit! The frogy robot kit comes with everything your kid needs to make their own real working robot. Plus it’s super cute.

makey makey stem kit

Makey Makey STEM Kit

Makey Makey Go is an invention kit that’s perfect for kids! With this cool little device girls can create their own inventions out of anything. They just plug the kit into their computer and transform any item into a touchpad that links to their computer’s programmes and apps.

bug Vacuum

Bug Vacuum

For girls who love animals, this bug vacuum is a pretty great gift! They catch bugs, put them in the playground and then observe their behaviour. If they can’t have a pet, well then, I suppose bugs are the next best thing!

robot mouse stem coding toy

Robot Mouse

Robot Mouse is a brilliant way to get 7 year old girls into computer science. They’ll fall in love with the little mouse and learn to programme where they want it to go!

glow in the dark science kit

Glow in the Dark Science Kit

This science kit doesn’t just instruct kids on how to make the glow in the dark projects. It also teaches them the concepts so that they can get creative and come up with their own experiments. Give this kit as a gift and soon your house will be filled with so many glowing items that you won’t need to pay for the electricity bill! Winning.

Robotis Play Pets Kit

So there is another pet alternative to bugs – build a robot pet! This awesome kit enables 7 year old girls to make their own, moving robot pets. Whether they want a puppy, bird or even a whale (!) the choice is theirs.

IKOS Spherical Building Blocks

These spherical building blocks are super simple but really fun! They encourage creativity, teach fine motor skills and would be great for playing with in spare moments in front of the TV. I think I want one!

Magic Science Kit for Wizards

Any Harry Potter fan will get SO excited about receiving this gift! The Magic Science Kit will teach them how to use science to cast spells and make potions. Who needs Hogwarts?

Snap Circuits Basic Electricity Kit

This Snap Circuit kit is perfect for any budding scientist! It’s a simple system that enables girls to build their own electrical circuits that work with no soldering involved. They’ll be hooked!

Wild Bird Garden Science

This garden is a lovely gift for any 7 year old girl that has some outdoor space at home. She’ll be able to plant a little garden that will attract wild birds. They’ll want to come and eat all it’s yummy seeds!

live butterfly growing kit

Live Butterfly Kit

An exciting gift for any future zoologist. She’ll be able to care for her own butterflies and learn about their entire lifecycle. The experience will stay with her for life!

Home Designer Building Set

This set is designed to empower young girls to learn about STEM. They’ll make their own architectural creations and learn about geometry in a fun and engaging way. Perhaps it’ll inspire them to become an architect one day?

Maths Jenga

Jenga is already a classic game that builds essential STEM skills. This maths version takes it to the next level! They’ll be able to increase their understanding of structure and physics whilst practising addition and subtraction as well.

How are you going to inspire that 7 year old girl you’re buying a birthday gift for? Will you inspire them with computer science, architecture or even physics?

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