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Perfect! My niece is a junior in college and I always struggled to come up with gift ideas for students.

20 Gift Ideas for a Junior

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A junior still needs to be patient for another year before owning campus as a senior. ย In fact, coolness is of utmost importance at this stage.

Pleasing such an individual may not be as easy as you think because the person has โ€˜seen it allโ€™ in their freshman and sophomore years. A junior is not the top dog and must continue to take orders from the seniors.

Get them any of the following, and maybe you will get a slot in their journal as the โ€˜treasured one.โ€™

20 Gift Ideas for a Junior

1. Personalized custom picture phone case

First, you can make an effort to find the type of phone in question before proceeding to buy a personalized case. Remember this person is trying to look cool; therefore, custom items will be highly preferred. He or she is attempting to look different from the โ€˜sheepโ€™.

Top Phone Case

Buy from Amazon

2. Texting Gloves

For the cold days, texting gloves will be needed. The open fingertips also make them look cool and adds to their beauty. Just to spice things up, you had better find the right color. Again, do a little research.

Alki’i 3M Thinsulate Thermal Insulation Fingerless Texting Gloves

Buy from Amazon

3. Netflix

If he or she loves Netflix, then you can simply just pay for a few months. Though this is not a tangible gift, any junior would appreciate free Netflix for a while.




4. Hoverboard

Moving around campus has never been easier. A self-balancing scooter will be the epitome of coolness. This adrenaline-junkie will be quite impressed and will hold you dear.

Buy from Amazon

5. Headphones

Again, remember coolness is key. That means โ€˜ordinaryโ€™ headphones are out of the question. Better, stick with a famous brand and go for the latest release.

Beats Solo 2 On-Ear Headphones


target sm

6. Customized Bracelet

A customized gift will always stay winning.

Customized Hand Stamped Bracelet

Buy from Amazon

7. Self-style Hair Kit

This kind of gift speaks volumes. A hair kit means you have taken grooming into consideration, and you want them to sparkle. She will thank you while he will be surprised.

For her/him

Conair Pro Styler Ionic Conditioning Hair Dryer

Buy from Amazon

For him

Andis Easy Cut 20-Piece Haircutting Kit

Buy from Amazon

8. Scarf

You do not want the junior to wear something that needs an explanation. If you have to explain a joke, it is probably not that funny, and if you have to explain a garment, it is probably not that fashionable. This does not mean that you consult fashionistas. Let your choice represent your personality. If you are not aware of your personality, then stick to something simple with less color.


For the female

Jemis Women’s Super-Soft Scarf

Buy from Amazon

For the male

SethRoberts-Solid Color Cashmere Men’s Scarf

Buy from Amazon

9. Party Clothes

Itโ€™s the 21st century and humans treasure clothing like never before. For this type of gift, females are a sensitive lot and much care should be taken.

A beautifully dress is a site to behold. On the other hand, a starlet can look like she has been wrapped up in bed sheets while trying to look like a Greek goddess. A lot of homework must be done on the size and taste of clothing before making a purchase. To play safe, a black dress and a suit would be okay because junior prom is around the corner.

For the Lady

Ever Pretty 3/4 Sleeve Cocktail Dress

Buy from Amazon

For the Gentleman

Men’s Slim-fit Suit Setย 

Buy from Amazon

10. Bold Jewelry

Jewelry speaks volumes and sends a message that one is mature. This is the type of gift the junior will treasure for years, meaning you will remain relevant in their lives for the longest time. Make your choice wisely and take the gifteeโ€™s personal choices and preferences into consideration. If you can, go for the precious metals.


For the female

Jewelry Necklace and Earrings Set by Yiamia

Buy from Amazon

For the male

Menโ€™s Vintage Leather Necklace

Buy from Amazon

11. Sweater

A lovely garment is always a great addition.

For the female

Female Poncho Sweaters

target sm

For the male

Men’s Sweaters Heather Oatmeal
target sm

12. Drone

This gift that will leave them speechless. The reason is that it is a bit pricey, and it symbolizes your compliance with technological advancement. With this device, videos and photos will be taken from the best angles. Surprised! Ladies also use this gadget to make videos. Strangely, this gift can get a juniorโ€™s attention because it is not easy to please such a human.

Syma X5C Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera

Buy from Amazon

13. Smartphone

Do not indulge much in your research but go for famous brands. Apple is king in this category. Camera, performance, and the internet are a priority because juniors have an appetite to โ€˜set their social media on fire.โ€™

I Phone 6


target sm

14. Lovely watch

A watch goes a long way without saying and makes a strong fashion statement.

For the female

Geneva Platinum Watch


target sm

For the male

Casio Men’s Classic Analog Dress Watch
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15. Campus Backpack

Just like the garments, the backpack should not have bright colors. Preferably, the design should be trendy to attract the necessary attention. Nothing impresses a junior like a compliment. The bag should also be big enough to accommodate most books and a laptop.

Buy from Amazon

Dakine Campus Backpack by Dakine

16. A lovely book

Anything by Shonda Rhimes.

The Year of YES!: What if you said YES! to everything your Soul told you to do for one year?

Buy from Amazon

17. Portable Charger

Nothing is more frustrating than the cell phone battery running out at the โ€˜hour of needโ€™. Pick a nice portable charger and send it because you want this to be passed.

Aluratek 2600mAh Portable Power External Battery Backup Charger with Built-In Flashlight






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18. Photo Album

College is almost over, but there are no photo records. It’s time!

Pioneer High Capacity Photo Album

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19. Water bottle

Hydration is essential, especially after a workout. A bottle that can be used for other beverages is better.

Portable Beverage Bottle

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20. A personalized Journal

The memorable moments need to be jotted down. During lazy days, he or she will look at the journal and remember to record something.

Personalized Leather Journal

Buy from Amazon

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