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20 First Time Backpacker Gifts

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From gap years to a weekend trip, backpacking is always unique. This list includes gifts for any new backpacker in your life – whether they’re going to Europe or their backyard. They are sure to (eat, pray, and) love these gifts.

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First Time Backpacker Gifts

A Sturdy Backpack

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A simple but solid backpack in the mid price range is perfect for a first time backpacker. This one is made for comfort and practicality, as it is big enough to hold a good amount of things, but not too bulky.

Microfiber Travel Towel

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This tiny towel absorbs 3 times its weight, and is a must have for a backpacking trip. There are two sizes, so you might as well get both!

The Travel Book

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Information on 230 countries with 850 pictures! A perfect gift for the undecided traveller (or someone who’s going all over the world!), this book has maps and suggestions for every destination.

Luggage Lock

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This is a TSA approved lock for luggage to keep your backpack safe. It’s very helpful in a crowded hostel room!

Collapsable Water Bottle

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A good water bottle is a necessity, and this one is a space saver as well.

Portable Charger

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This portable USB charger is about the size of a lipstick. It can also fully charge your iPhone or Android when you’re on the road!

RFID Blocking Passport Holder

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A great passport cover to protect not only a passport, but credit cards as well.

Travel Journal

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This mindful travel journal is a great way for your loved one to document their trip in a unique way. It also gives a percentage of the profits to charity, so it’s win-win!

Travel Hammock

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With a quick setup and small size when not in use, this is the perfect hammock for a new backpacker. Plus, if you make a friend, there’s room for two!

Handheld GPS

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This specific handheld GPS is a great base model for the first time backpacker. It has the necessary functions of a GPS and won’t break the bank.

Money Belt

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Not the most glamorous gift, but a definite necessity for the traveller going to urban areas. This functional belt allows the wearer to safely store their money and valuables.

Budget Adventure Camera

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A great alternative to the gopro, this little camera packs a lot of punch. It’s HD, waterproof, and has built in Wifi and HDMI.

Water Purifier Bottle

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This water bottle purifies and filters water to make it safe for drinking. A first time backpacker will enjoy the ease of this product.

Packing Cubes

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Packing cubes save space and time, both of which are essential to the new backpacker. Simplify packing with a set of packing cubes!


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A portable espresso machine to caffeinate your soul. This is the perfect gift for the backpacker who can’t imagine life without a morning coffee.

Swiss Army Knife

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For the backpacker who has a checked bag – don’t make the mistake of taking this through security. This has lots of useful tools for new backpackers to use.

Literary Inspiration

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This book is sure to inspire any new backpacker to get out there and explore.

Scrubba Portable Laundry

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This product gives you the ability to wash your clothes in a bag with the same results as the machine. A newbie backpacker will treasure this little luxury!

Sleep Mask

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This is a must have for hostel living or a loud camping area. This sleeping mask comes with ear plugs and will help a new traveller sleep well.

Compressible Travel Pillow

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This memory foam pillow comes with a “stuff sack” to stuff it into when it’s time to pack up and move. A great night’s sleep is a priceless gift!

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