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100 Push Presents that are Actually Awesome  

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Push presents are a relatively new phenomenon. They’re the presents a father gives to a mother when a little one is on the way. 

What kind of push presents should you give?

In this mega gift guide, we’ve thought of everything from the practical to the funny to the downright pointless and weird. Either way, we think there are all awesome contenders for push presents for moms.

1. Custom Fingerprint Heart Ring

What could be more symbolic than having the baby’s fingerprints moulded onto a piece of jewellery you can wear?

Baby fingerprint necklace unique push present

2. The New Kindle

Mom needs some time to herself when she’s raising the kids. The Kindle allows her to sit down for a few minutes of good reading wherever she happens to be. Trust us, she’ll appreciate every minute she can get.

E reader as a practical push present for new mom

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3. Skip Hop Diaper Bag

Turn handling the faeces of another human being into something you can travel with in style. This diaper bag comes with everything from pockets to a place to a changing pad and a zip expansion.

Skip Hop diaper bag for new mom push pesent

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4. Stork Craft Ottoman Set

Don’t just get a rocking chair to become a modern day Southern Belle. Do that and put your feet up with the rocking chair and Ottoman.

Ottoman for rocking chair as a unique push present for mom

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5. Non-Binding Socks

Any pregnant woman will tell you that swollen feet is a part of the deal. It’s unpleasant and it means that precious shoe collection is out the window. Get these non-binding socks. They’re designed to fit changing feet.

Pregnant moms love non-binding socks as a push present

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6. Soft Maternity Ballet Shoes

With an aloe-vera-infused insole, these soft maternity shoes will make plodding around the house trying to negotiate your huge bump that much easier.

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7. Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak

Still on the subject of feet, this tea tree oil foot soak will clear all the ailments associated with pregnancy. Life has never been easier when you’re wiling away the hours in this. And get that lazy husband of yours to give you a foot massage!

Tea tree oil foot soak great push present

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8. Sweet Almond Oil

From head to toe, sweet almond oil is here to give you the ultimate massage. It rejuvenates the skin and helps to make your muscles get out of all those knots.

Sweet almond oil relaxing push present idea

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9. Silver Satin Travel Mask

You have to take the sleep when you can get it. This silver satin travel mask will help you grab some Z’s.

Silver satin travel mask push present gift for new mom

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10. Selfie Stick

Taking pictures of your little darling is hard when you’re trying to juggle a camera with one hand and them in the other. Make it easy on yourself with the most anti-social device to arrive in the last ten years.

Selfie sticks make great push presents

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11. Oxo Good Grips Scrub Brush

This isn’t for your wife it’s for you. The next time she takes a soak, make sure there aren’t lots of footprints in the bottom of the bath.

Bath scrubber push present cleaning gift

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12. Dead Sea Bath Salts

Forget the bubble bath from the store. Pick up these bath salts and you’re really cooking with gas now. These dead sea bath salts are scientifically proven to provide the ultimate in relaxation.

Dead sea salts as relxing push presents

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13. Lava Pumice Stone

Pumice stone removes dead skin from troublesome areas of your body. When you’re a full-time mom, this becomes as crucial as food and water.

Push presents for mom - lava pumice stone

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14. Ironing Board Cover

Only if you no longer value your life…

Ironing board cover dangerous push present idea

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15. 2012 Mercer Estates Merlot

Because after nine months of not drinking, the first thing we all want to do is start drinking again. But do it in style with a fine bottle of modern vintage.

Merlot one of the best push presents for new moms

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16. Beer Chiller Set

And whilst we’re on the topic, this chiller set will keep your beer cool from the first sip to the last. Even if crying interrupts you, your beer isn’t going to suffer.

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17. New Baby Necklace

This little charm doesn’t require you to break the bank, whilst making mom feel special. Wrap this around her neck and she’ll soon forget it wasn’t from Tiffany & Co.

Sweet new baby necklace push present idea

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18. Heart Stamped Bracelet

Wear your heart on your sleeve. Get mom, dad, and baby’s names engraved on the hearts dangling from this wonderful heart stamped bracelet.

Heart stamped bracelet thoughtful push present for new mom

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19. Women’s Kimono Robe

Why would she want this you ask

Because after nine months of feeling ‘not so sexy’, it’s time to get that feeling back with this kimono robe.

Kimono robes make the best push presents!

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20. Happy Mama Printed Pyjamas Set

But on some days you’re just too tired to feel sexy. That’s why these practical pyjamas will give you the perfect way to go to sleep with.

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21. Maid Gift Card

A maid gift card. Forever. Why not dream about it?

maid gift cards are the best push presents for new moms

22. Treasure Food from Swiss Colony


Eating right and a messed up diet from all those cravings has got to be tough. Get back to fine eating and fine living with this gift basket.

treasure food gift for new moms, great push presents

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23. 32GB Music Player

Sometimes you need to shut the world out with your favourite tracks. Combine a new music player with an iTunes gift card to get her library started.

Music player gift idea for push present, new moms will love this

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24. Dre Headphones

Now make it easier to forget that anyone else exists with Dr. Dre headphones. They’re the leading brand on the market and are sure to give you some ‘me’ time.

headphones gift idea for push presents

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25. Sony HD Video Recorder

Capture those golden moments in crystal clear HD quality with a new Sony HD video recorder. It’s so much better than the camera on your iPhone!

Awesome push present for new moms - video recorder

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26. Vintage Camera Photo Album

It might be too early for this, but there’s nothing wrong with getting started. Start sticking those photos in to embarrass your child with when they’re a teenager.

Vintae camera photo album unique and thoughtful gift idea for push presents

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27. MCS Industries Wood Frame Set

It’s time to begin displaying those precious family photos around the house. There’s nothing like a wood frame set to do it. They all come in different sizes, so it’s never been easier.

Frame set as push presents for new moms

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28. Theo Klein Cleaning Trolley

Unless this is designed for you, we’d begin by hiding all the knives and sharp objects in the house…

Thoughtful push presents for new moms - cleaning trolley

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29. Dyson Ball Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner

Yes, it’s practical, but we were serious about this. No new mom wants to feel like normal business is resumed whilst you sit back on the sofa and watch the football.

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30. Netflix Gift Card

These are perfect for those feeding sessions that just seem to go on and on and on.

Netflix gift cards make great push presents for new parents

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31. Sophie Giraffe Teething Toys

Nothing is more frustrating or heart-breaking than a little one experiencing teething pain. This will help them get through the worst of it, whilst giving your ears a break.

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32. Britax B-Agile Travel System

Don’t just get a stroller get a travel system. The travel system lets you slide the baby seat in the car out onto the stroller and snap your little guy or gal in, all without waking them up. You’ll never have to abort mission again.

Strollers make great push presents for new moms

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33. Collapsible Pram

You really need at least two strollers for managing the needs of your child. This lightweight, collapsible pram is the ideal complement to the travel system mentioned before.

Collapsible pram useful push present idea

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34. Swaddle Swing

This is the portable baby swing you never knew existed. Now you can entertain the little one whilst carrying them around like a bag of potatoes.
Swaddle swing push present gift idea for mom to test

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35. Little Tikes Baby Swing

For something a tad more static, this baby swing will enable you to run around the house like a mad woman, whilst keeping young minds entertained.

Baby swing gift idea for push present

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36. Little Tikes First Slide

When the warmer weather comes around, introduce your toddler to the magic of outdoor play with their first slide.

First slide push present gift for new baby

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37. Pressure Mounted Gate

Set boundaries at home with the gate that clips on to hallways and doorways. The gate automatically shuts and makes sure your child is safe from harm.

Baby gates useful, practical push presents

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38. Ally & Joe Backseat Baby Mirror

Make sure that rear-facing baby seat doesn’t prevent you from making sure you didn’t leave the child on the car roof again. Now you’ll always be able to keep an eye on them.

Baby mirror push present idea for the car

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39. Baby Bandana Drool Bibs

How much liquid can one tiny body produce?

Cute bib push present gift idea for mom and baby

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40. Argan Oil Hair Mask


By this point, you’re likely tearing your hair out over what to buy. Take a break and pick up this argan oil hair mask. It helps repair damaged strands and takes away that ‘tired’ look.

Hair masks make great push presents

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41. Baby Sling Carrier

Front or back, make carrying your tot around in places where a pram isn’t practical simple. Just make sure it’s adjustable and it fits first.

baby sling carrier push present gift idea

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42. Breastfeeding Pillow

Trust us from experience, you don’t want to be lugging a full-size nursing pillow around with you all the time. The breastfeeding pillow is the small, compact alternative.

Breastfeeding pillows are the best push presents

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43. Medela Harmony Breast Pump

Nothing will feel stranger than attaching suction cups to your chest, but if you want to nurse you usually have no other choice.

New moms need breast pumps for push presents

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44. Simple Wishes Breast Pump Bra

Here’s a modern alternative to the breast pump. This bra is hands-free and lets you nurse in public without seeming incredibly weird.

Super thoughtful push present idea - breast pump

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45. Maddie Moo Breastfeeding Cover

You don’t want to bear your chest in public, no matter how natural it is. This breastfeeding cover lets you feed your little one whilst keeping your modesty intact.

Breastfeeding cover push present idea for new moms and newborn baby

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46. Sarah Wells Convertible Breast Pump Bag

Front, shoulder, back, or keeping everything visible. Those are the conversion options you have with this stylish convertible breast pump bag.

Breast pump bags make practical push presents

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47. Baby Bargains: Secrets to Saving

If you can get a spare moment, it’s time to think about money. Cut costs on bringing up your new addition with this savings guide. It’s America’s best-loved and has worked for thousands of families.

Give baby money saving books as push presents

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48. What to Expect the First Year

Whilst you’re getting your read on, pick this one up too. They say expect the unexpected. Eliminate the unexpected by reading through everything you can expect to confront in the first year of motherhood.

Baby care guide push presents border=

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49. Lobster High Chair

Dining out has never been more tranquil than with this high chair. It snaps to any dining table and makes eating out with a young child much less chaotic.

Cool high chair gift idea for push presents

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50. Swaddleplus Safari Friends Swaddling Blanket

Ah the humble swaddling blanket. Saving the sanity of mothers for centuries. Why not get one as a push present as well?

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51. Baby Handprint Kit

Once your baby stops crying, get them to stick their hands into this gooey substance. Let it dry and you have a beautiful memento you will treasure forever.

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52. Reusable Baby Ink Pads

These ink pads go hand in hand with the handprint kit mentioned before. These will allow you to chart your baby’s progress as he/she grows and grows.

Baby ink pads fun push present keepsake idea

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53. Baby Safety Locks

Safety first. Sometimes the best push present you can buy a new mom is the knowledge that the new addition to the family is going to be in safe hands.

Baby socks as a push present for newborn baby

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54. Foot Spa

Take a load off your feet after nine months of carrying a second person around with you with this foot spa. Add in some relaxing salts and oils and watch the world go by.

Foot spa push present gift for new mom

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55. DDOL Knitted Sweater Robe

The sweater robe is all the cosiness of a sweater wrapped in the full-body hug of a dressing gown. The knitted sweater robe will give you the comfort you require when you most need it.

Sweater robees make ozy push presents for moms

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56. Birthstone Ring

Make your next ring as meaningful as the ring you put on her finger at your wedding. The birthstone ring can be added to with each new addition to the family.

Lovely push present for your wife - ring

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57. Artificial Rose

A rose that will never die? Your stock in the romance league just went up by a hundred percent!

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58. Personalised Ornament Bauble

Baby’s first Christmas isn’t far away. Help to commemorate this momentous occasion with this personalised ornament bauble.

Personalized ornament gift idea for new mom - great for push presents!

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59. Digital Photo Frame

Technology continues to bring us the spectacular. This digital photo frame lets you load up your favourite photos and skip through them as and when you please.

Digital photo frame as a creative push present gift idea

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60. NeuTab N7 Pro Tablet Computer

You can pick up a new tablet computer for little more than $200. This one is even cheaper. If you need to do something online, whip this out and get started right away. We love the tablet computer because it’s fine-tuned to the lifestyle of a busy mom.

tablet computers are expensive push presents for your wife

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61. Go the Fuck to Sleep


Because all moms need some humour sometimes. Read some of these lyrics and they might just prevent you from smashing your head off a brick wall.

Funny push present idea

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62. Mustache Pacifier

Yes! Yes! Yes! Show off how creative you are when you meet the other parents. And take some pictures to embarrass your kids with when they’re older.

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63. Game Over T-Shirt

You know it to be true, so now it’s time to admit it with a t-shirt. This can either go on dad or mom. It’s your choice.

game over t-shirts as push presents for moms and dads

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64. Daddy-Proof Baby Suit

This could either be considered humorous or useful. It’s an instruction manual that will make both mom and dad laugh.

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65. New Parent Survival Kit

It can all feel so overwhelming from time to time. This includes all the baby survival tools you need with a fun twist. Bound to put smiles on faces.

new parent survival kit push present idea for new baby

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66. Poo Log

Track baby’s bowel movements…for health reasons. Or track your own bowel movements…if you’re just plain weird.

Poop log practical push present idea

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67. Ear Plugs

Is it daddy’s turn to manage the night change? Don’t let your sleep be under threat from a crying son or daughter with a brand new pair of ear plugs.

Ear plugs are the best push presents

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68. Magic 8 Ball

We all feel lost sometimes during pregnancy, and even more so after the little one is born. Answer the important questions in life going forward with this fortune teller of a push present.

Magic 8 ball fun push present idea

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69. Dollar Toilet Paper

You’ll be throwing a lot of this away over the next few years. Get used to it now with this novelty toilet paper.

Give funny unique push presents - dollar toilet paper

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70. The BS Button

We sense you’ll be using this push present a lot. Whether daddy has disappeared again, or the kid won’t stop crying, slam the button and feel better about life in general.

BS button funny push present idea for new mom or dad

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71. SPANX High Power Panties

Coming out of pregnancy leaves you with a tired body without the impressive figure you once had. These high power panties will help you get it back.

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72. Mamarazzi: Every Mom’s Guide to Photographing Kids

The chances are you’ll be using this regularly. If you’re going to start taking photos, pick up some tips from the professionals.

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73. Johnny Cash Coffee Print

Spruce up the kitchen with this wonderful quote from Johnny Cash. Follow the great man into paradise with your morning cup of Joe. You’ll be definitely needing it when the sleepless nights start to pile up.

Coffee print gift idea for push present

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74. Apple Watch

Get your tech on with this. It’s a phone and computer all in one. Plus, you can use it even when you’re meant to be taking care of baby. You need some time to check your emails sometime!

Apple watch best high end gift for new moms perfect for push presents

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75. Polaroid Camera

Polaroids still exist and they’re still as retro as ever before. Take these photos and get them printed instantly. They still produce high-quality prints you can hold and keep forever.

Polaroid camera unique push present

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76. Agloves Touchscreen Gloves

Touchscreen gloves are a wonderful addition to any mom when she’s out for a stroll during the winter months. You can keep on clicking your tablet without having to expose your digits to the cold.

Touch screen gloves for new moms as useful push presents

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77. Seirus Innovation Face and Neck Mask

To go with the theme of cold weather, this innovation will keep both your face and neck warm at the same time, without any stray threads getting in your mouth and nose.

Face mask to pamper new moms - perfect push present

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78. SHANY Natural Fusion Eyeshadow Palette

Those dark rings underneath mommy’s eyes don’t make her look her best. Change all that with this affordable eyeshadow palette.

Glamours push present idea - get her makeup!

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79. Mommy Mocktails

Don’t get left out in the cold this holiday season. Raise a glass and enjoy some of these fun and colourful cocktails. You’re not pregnant any longer so now you can drink the night away.

Mommy mocktails great for breastfeeding, push present, pregnancy gift

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80. Booty Parlour Massage Candle

Spicy chocolate and cinnamon sound like the best aromas to stimulate a much-needed day off. Pour the wax off and feel delightful as it soothes your skin.

Massage candles make relaxing push presents

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81. Booty Parlour Skin Soothing Honey

It’s perfectly edible and delicious. Feel like you’re back to your old mischievous ways again with this edible skin honey as a push present. We’re sure you know what happens next.

Edible skin honey sexy push present gift idea

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82. Alo Yoga Leggings

Ah, yes, the familiar attire for a woman who has a new child in the family. Leggings are comfortable and allow you to feel sexy at the same time. May as well get a pair as a push present right now.

Yoga leggins as comfy, practical push presents for new moms

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83. Glass Tea Bottle

Still not gone back to that caffeine habit yet

Don’t stop now because you’re doing great. This glass tea bottle has accommodations for loose clippings, tea bags, and comes complete with a strainer. What could be better?

Glass tea bottle push present gift idea

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84. Organic Green Tea

And whilst we’re on the subject of tea. This organic green tea is here to help keep you relaxed. Straight from the home of tea itself (China), this bag of tea in gunpowder green will help keep you going.

Organic green tea to help new moms relax, great push presents

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85. Badger Sleep Balm

Made form lavender, just rub it on your temples and wrists to soothe your soul and that sore head you’re nursing from all those sleepless nights. It’s easy to get addicted to this stuff.

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86. Travel Charger

Modern phones don’t always have good battery life. Make sure that doesn’t become a problem when you’re busy tending to baby with this travel charger.

Travel charger practical gift idea for new moms, push present

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87. Cute Notecards

Sometimes you need to say thank you to those who matter most in your life. These cute notecards will help you do just that, with extra space for more kind words.

Cute notecards for new moms, sweet push present idea

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88. Swimming with Strangers

Don’t have time to read full-length books any longer? Swimming with Strangers is a book of short stories that can be read during those spare minutes you may or may not come across.

Short story book as creative push presesnt idea

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89. Juara Moisture Mask

In a haze of avocado and banana, the Juara moisture mask will help you to look fabulous, even if you’re not feeling all that fabulous at the time.

Give relaxing push presents for new moms like these facemasks

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90. Toasty Tootsies Foot Warmers

These foot warmers will help you to keep warm. They last for two hours, and when the winter cold bites they’ll keep those tootsies nice and toasty.

Foot warmers as unique push presents

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91. Herbal Concepts Foot Warmer/Cooler

Need something a little more permanent?

The herbal concepts foot warmer can be placed in the microwave or in the freezer to get the desired temperature. It even emits a delightful odour of dark chocolate.

Unique foot care push present

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92. Fizzy Baker Cupcake Bath Bombs

They look good enough to eat. But you shouldn’t because you’ll have to have your stomach pumped. Throw them in the bath and get ready to enter a world of comfort.

Fizzy bath bombs as relaxing push presents

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93. Soothe Shirt

It may feel a little like throwing your baby underneath your clothes, but look closely and this soothe shirt is actually like a little baby carrier.

Baby carrier gift idea for new moms, push presents

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94. Baby Food Dispensing Spoon

Make feeding time cleaner and less chaotic than previously thought possible. Give the spoon a squeeze and the food will end up right where it needs to be.

Baby food dispensing spoons make practical push presents for mom and baby

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95. Bathtime Easy Kneeler

Your knees will thank you for this push present. When kneeling down to deal with baby, you won’t feel the floor digging into your ligaments again.

New moms will love this eazy kneeler as a push present

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96. Oeuf Elephant Crib

It’s not immediately clear why we would recommend this as a push present. It’s awesome because it takes only ten minutes to install and no technical knowledge is required at all. Anything to save us from the pain of putting up a crib.

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97. Pacifier Thermostat

Check baby’s temperature with this pacifier. You don’t need to switch from a normal pacifier. This is practical for everyday use in the long-term. It will help to spot sickness long before it arrives.

Pacifier thermometer as a practical push prsent gift idea

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98. OCT Faucet to Shower Converter

For those times where baby has to go in the sink instead of the tub, this will allow you to make the transition without scooping buckets of warm water all the time.

Faucet to shower converter practical push present

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99. Pee-Pee Teepee

These little cones will keep you out of the line of fire when changing a diaper. Now we don’t need to use the last item on this list for mouthwash.

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100. A Family Vacation

For the final item on this list, plan a family vacation. This push present will help you get away from it all and create some treasured memories for the first time together as a family. It doesn’t have to be now, but there’s no reason why you can’t start planning!

Give a family vacation as one of the best push presents ever

Push Presents for Mom | Non Jewelry Push Presents | Gifts for New Moms | What to buy an expecting mom | Gifts for my Wife | Baby Gifts | Birthstone Gift Ideas


Push Presents for Mom | Non-Jewelry Push Presents | Gifts for New Moms | What to buy an expecting mom | Gifts for my Wife | Baby Gifts | Birthstone Gift Ideas | #gifts #giftguide #newmoms #pushpresent #uniquegifter #presents

Push Presents for Mom | Non-Jewelry Push Presents | Gifts for New Moms | What to buy an expecting mom | Gifts for my Wife | Baby Gifts | Birthstone Gift Ideas | #gifts #giftguide #newmoms #pushpresent #uniquegifter #presents

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