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20 Gift Ideas for a Gemini Woman

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Oh, gift ideas for a Gemini woman. The affectionate, compassionate, quick learning extrovert of the astrological women.

She loves breaking routine and trying new things often. This leaves us gifters with a problem: what hasn’t she tried?

What could we possibly get a Gemini woman that is new and exciting?

Gift Ideas for a Gemini Woman

Here at Unique Gifter, we understand the struggle to find the perfect gift for a Gemini. That’s why we have compiled a list of 20 gift ideas for a Gemini woman in your life. Use her zodiac sign to make her horoscope come true by selecting one of these awesome ideas for your wife, girlfriend or friend! And if you clicked on a sign ahead, we got you covered for the Taurus. 

Gemini Star Sign Necklace

gift ideas for a Gemini woman - Gemini star sign necklace

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This necklace is a personal favorite of mine. The constellation on the necklace is obvious enough to cause curiosity from others, but just subtle enough to show Gemini pride without overdoing it.

Gemini Constellation Box

Gemini constellation box - gift ideas for a Gemini woman

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A perfect little box for jewelry or other small tokens.

Instax Mini Instant Film Camera

Instant film camera gift ideas for a Gemini woman

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Keeping memories is important for a Gemini, and what better way is there to do that then with this instant film camera? So retro too.

Instagram Bracelet

Gemini women will love this instagram bracelet gift idea

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Since your Gemini is obviously the best at taking photos and sharing them on social media, why not give her this bracelet showing off her awesome Instagram prowess?

Marble Laptop Skin

gift ideas for a Gemini woman - Marble laptop skin

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Is your Gemini friend always on her laptop? Then this gift will be a total hit. Give their laptop an entirely new look with this marble laptop skin.

Motivational Laptop Decal

Motivational laptop decal gift ideas for a Gemini woman

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Sometimes everyone needs a little bit of motivation. Give her some motivation to stick right on her laptop.

Rouxbe Online Cooking Course

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If your Gemini loves to show off their artistry in the kitchen a Rouxbe online cooking course might be just the thing. These self-paced courses are available on a variety of topics, or a membership model, and make an excellent gift. She will learn SO much. Click here to read a full review of Rouxbe.

Mandela Laptop Decal

Mandela Laptop Decal gift ideas for a Gemini woman

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This laptop decal is bound to be a great conversation starter.

Traveler’s Notebook Insert

gift ideas for a Gemini woman - Traveller's Notebook Insert

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Make your Gemini friend’s journal look like it took a beach vacation this summer with these great notebook inserts.

Personalized Journal

Personlized Journal gift ideas for a Gemini woman

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If your friend doesn’t keep a journal, then this is the perfect time to start! Give her this great personalized journal with an inspirational quote right on the front.

Coffee Notebook Clip

Notebook clup gift ideas for a Gemini woman

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Help your Gemini friend stay organized with these cute little notebook clips that are shaped like coffee cups.

Coffee Cup Holder

Gemini women will love this coffee cup holder birthday Christmas gift ideas for a Gemini woman

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Does your Gemini friend love coffee? Does she have a collection of coffee mugs? Help her show them all off with this great coffee cup holder.

Coffee Travel Mug

Coffee travel mug gift ideas for a Gemini woman

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Ceramic travel mugs that come in plenty of different colors to choose from.

Coffee Mug and Wine Glass Combo

Coffee mug and wine glass combo gift ideas for a Gemini woman

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This funny little coffee mug and wine glass duo is great for the Geminis who work all the time.

“Let’s Be Mermaids” Tank Top

gift ideas for a Gemini woman - tank top

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Being a mermaid is just so much more fun than being an adult sometimes.

Gold Trim Swimsuit Cover Up

Swimsuit cover up unique gift idea for a Gemini woman

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After your Gemini friend is all done being a mermaid at the beach, give her this swimsuit cover up. The gold trim will make her look spectacular in the sun.

Wooden Sunglasses

Gemini women love wooden sunglasses gift ideas for a Gemini woman

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Wooden things are all the rage these days. Your Gemini friend will look fabulous wearing these around.

Sunglasses Macbook Decal


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Don’t leave her MacBook out of the sunglasses fun! Gift her this sunglasses decal for her Macbook too.

Mermaid Shell Phone Case

Mermaid shell phone case gift ideas for a Gemini woman

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Do you get it? SHELL phone?

Diamond Crystal Phone Case

Diamond Crystal phone case gift ideas for a Gemini woman

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If being a mermaid isn’t your Gemini friend’s thing, then check out this crystal case for her cell phone.

Night Gardening Lantern

Gemini women will love this night gardening lantern gift ideas for a Gemini woman

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Does she garden? If so, then definitely try out these beautiful night gardening lanterns. They make gardens look magical at night.

More Gifts for a Gemini Woman

When you are searching for a gift for a woman, you want it to be the “perfect” gift. But, here’s a little secret, women really want you to buy them gifts that show you know them and what they like. They want their gifts to be well thought out. And, this is true for a Gemini woman as well.

Gifts for a Gemini Woman

The first thing you need to do when choosing a gift for a Gemini woman is to know her personality. When you choose a gift for a Gemini, you will want to think of the things they have expressed interest in. Gemini have dual personalities. They are ruled by Mercury and are known for their social charm and fun-loving lifestyle. However, a Gemini woman is always changing making her unpredictable.

This means getting here a gift is just a little challenging. Because she is unpredictable, we felt you would need more options than 20 Gift Ideas for a Gemini Woman, so here are more gifts for a Gemini woman for you to choose from!

Electronic Reader

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Gemini women tend to be studious and inquisitive, so getting her an electronic reader can be one of the best gifts for her. Not only is it useful, but it shows you really understand her on a deeper level.

Gemini Zodiac Luggage

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If you want to cater to your Gemini’s organizational side, luggage is a perfect gift especially with tickets for a vacation. If you know she is going somewhere she will appreciate this gesture.

Smart Writing Set

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Not only do Gemini like to write and document everything in their lives, but they love technology. This Smart Writing Set allows your Gemini to digitally store their notes.

Fabric Wall Cling

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As we have said before, Gemini women love to document their lives. Choose one of their favorite pictures and get it made into a fabric wall cling that they can look at and enjoy, daily.

Personalized Ring of Love Necklace

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Sometimes, you just can’t find the perfect piece of jewelry for your dual personality Gemini. Now, you can personalize your piece choosing the stones they like as well as a saying you know fits their personality.

Cosmetic Travel Bag

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Let’s face it, a Gemini woman is obsessed with organization. So, anything that will help keep her life organized is a win in her book, and this cosmetic travel bag is perfect.

Silicone Magnetic Wires

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Although these are a super inexpensive gift, they are probably one of the best gifts you can get a Gemini woman. These little things can be used to keep cords from tangling, to save a page in a book, or hang important information on the fridge.

Foldable Trunk Organizer

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Help your Gemini keep her trunk in order with a foldable trunk organizer. This is a great gift if she is always complaining about space in her trunk.

2 Port Solar Charger

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Your Gemini will most likely be on her phone all the time! This means the battery will die quickly. Help her keep up to date with all her social channels with a solar charger!

Travel Scarf

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Gemini’s LOVE to travel, but they also like to do good doing it. So, this travel scarf is the perfect gift. She can hide extra money, credit cards, and even some lipstick in it’s secret pockets.

Travel Toiletry Bag

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Not only does a Gemini love travel, but she also loves organization. This travel toiletry bag is perfect for both and it will hang on the door to keep her organized during her whole trip.

Carry on Cocktail Kit

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Hey, traveling is always better with a cocktail. This kit is perfect for anyone, but especially the traveling Gemini. It makes two bloody marys (alcohol not included).

Brain Games, Puzzles, and Trivia

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Gemini’s love to enhance their minds and keep them young. So, a book of 399 brain games, puzzles, and trivia will be something they will love.

What If Book

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Gemini women like to expand their logical side. This book allows them to find scientific answers to some of the most absurd questions.

Gemini Nutritional Facts Coffee Mug

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Who doesn’t like to be told about all the good things that make them into the person they are. This Gemini facts mug is a super cute way to show your Gemini all the things you love about them.

Gemini Pop Socket

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I love pop sockets and this one is super cute. It’s a great way for your Gemini to be able to pop her phone up wherever she goes.

HP Pavillion Laptop

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Technology makes the world go round, and this laptop is sure to make the Gemini in your life happy. Not only is it a laptop, but you can flip it into a large tablet. It’s perfect for keeping up on all her communications.

Deserved Happiness Happiness Subscription Box

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Subscription boxes make great gifts for all women. They show them love each and every month instead of just once. So, give the gift that keeps on giving.

Amazon Gift Card

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If you still aren’t sure what to get the Gemini woman in your life, gift cards are always accepted generously. So, get her something she can use on clothes, books, electronics, or anything she wants with Amazon.

Do you have some ideas for gifts for a Gemini woman? If you do, we would love for you to share them with us in the comments below!

There you have it, 20 gift ideas for a Gemini woman. Tell us your favorite ideas in the comments. If you get any of these, be sure to let us know! We are @ugifter on Twitter and @uniquegifter on Instagram.

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