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20 Gifts to Make a Democrat Smile Again

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The elections are over, and unless you’re living under a rock you know that Donald Trump will be the next American President. Most democrats can’t run away to Canada for 4-8 years, so instead, here are a few things to buy your democratic friend to make them smile again.

Ready for the next POTUS? If you're not a Republican, take a look at this list of 20 gift ideas to make a Democrat smile again - you may need to reference it a few times for the next 4-8 years.


Gifts to Make a Democrat Smile Again

Nasty Woman Sweater

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Remind the world that you’re still a nasty with this cute buy.

Love Trumps All Tee

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Spread sunshine and love with this t- shirt.

The Revolution is Now Art Print

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A reminder to #feelthebern.

Because, Trump, Wine Glass.

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“Wrong” Mug

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This is sure to bring a smile to any democrat’s face.

Donald Trump Toilet Paper 

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I think the title of this says it all.

Bernie Sanders Watercolor

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This beautiful work of heart will strike hope once more into whomever owns it this piece.

Joe Biden, Spirit Animal Mug

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Hilarious and relevant, this mug is a great gift for any Dem.

Typography “When Girls become educated”

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Let the wise words of our soon-to-be-former FLOTUS ring forever with this print.

Democratic Tom’s

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Let your Democrat show their pride in these!

Birdie 2016 Car Decal

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This window decal is sure to cause a chuckle with nostalgia.

Bromance World Championship Ringer Tee

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This nostalgic t-shirt is a winner for sure. Keep the bromance memories alive overtime this is worn.

Obama Please don’t go Mug

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Just like the Statue of Liberty on this mug, I think we’re all begging Obama not to go!

Bad Hombre T-shirt

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Show the world that you’re a “bad hombre” and proud!

Democrat Flask

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As aforementioned, we might be having an extra drink or two the next four years.. why not do it in style?

No Trump Tie

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Add this quippy tie to your collection for an extra spunky outfit.

Coastal Elite Tee

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Show everyone that your friend is a coastal elite and proud!

Make Donald DRUMF again snapback

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This hat is sure to bring a laugh out of your dam. friend.

A Woman’s Place Baseball Tee

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I mean ladies, amIright?

I have a dream Mug

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Watch the blue states turn red when you add hot liquid in this magical mug!

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