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42 Gift Ideas for Internet Friends

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Internet friends are real friends. Use these gift ideas for internet friends to them a little something to show that you love and care about them even if you can’t see them in person much or at all. Any of these gifts are sure to make your internet besties smile.

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All these gift choices are perfect for birthdays, Christmas, holidays, or just to send a thoughtful gift to your internet/online or long-distance friends. Even if virtual friendships are really getting something physical in the mail is always a welcomed surprise.

Funny and Thoughtful Gifts Your Internet Friends Will Love

Living far away from the people you really care about sucks. Hopefully, a few of these gift ideas will help bring the two of you closer together.

Best friend keychain

Best Friend Keyring

This best friend’s keychain will remind your friend that you’re thinking about them even if you’re not there. Plus you can customize your own message if you’d prefer.

Cute I'm with you in spirit ghost card for your internet friends

I’m With You in Spirit Card

When you can’t be there for them in person at least you can send some love “in spirit”. The ghost is super cute, too. Send this card to your internet friends when they need a little extra support that means more than just a digital message during those times you can’t visit.

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Wine Subscription Service

If you wish you could head to the bar or pub with your internet friends, sign them up for a wine subscription box. Even better, get the same for yourself, so you can “share” a bottle of wine virtually!

I love my computer all my friends live in there mug

I Love My Computer Mug

When all your friends live inside the computer it’s really hard not to love it. Perfect for those of us who are a lot more social online than in real life.

Assorted social media magnets

Social Media Magnet Set

If you and your internet friend met on social media this is a great way to remind them of you. Now they can bring a bit of your relationship to their home and think of you every time they open fridge.

Rude that I can't see your face but ok greeting card for a long distance friend

I Miss You Card

Do you ever miss someone so much it makes you mad? Seriously, very rude of your internet friends to not let you see their faces often enough. Let your internet friend know you’d like to spend more time with them than just on social media.

3D Crystal Portrait Memento 

Treat your internet friend with custom gift ideas! This 3D crystal frame lets you upload your own picture to it so your online pal never forgets your face. This would also be a cute way to share a photo you took together if you’ve already met.

Things I hate funny internet themed shirt

Funny Internet Shirt

This one is way too accurate. After all, when the wifi is out or your phone is dead it means you can’t talk to your internet friends at all!

I come from the internet shiny button

I Come From The Internet Button

This prismic button can remind your friend that while you don’t know them in real life they are someone that you care about all the same.

Long distance mugs make a great gift for internet or long distance friends

Long Distance Mugs

These adorable matching mugs try and shrink the distance between you and your internet friend. Now you can think about each other every morning!

Custom Painting Of You Together

If you have an internet friend group you can “get together” with a custom portrait with Paint Your Life. Send one to all of your internet friends for a super cool and unique gift idea.

Gaming bracelet gift idea for your online friend

Player 1, Player 2 Bracelets

Hand stamped bracelets for you and your online gaming bestie. They also do custom orders so you can get any of your in-jokes printed up.

I miss you box of chocolate set

Chocolate Message

Use chocolates to tell your internet friend that you think of them. The most delicious way to tell them you care.

Care Package

You can’t be there but you wish you were. The next best thing is to send a care package to help them feel better, celebrate, or simply brighten their day.

Matching best friend shirts for you and your internet bestie

Best Friends Shirt

One half for you, the other for your internet bestie. Wear them on the same day and coordinate your Instagram posts, obviously.

Funny internet t-shirt gift idea for your online friend

I’m a Lot Cooler on the Internet Shirt

For those internet friends that seem really cool but you’ve gotten to know well enough to know they’re not.

Rouxbe Online Cooking Course

Your internet friends are already very internet-savvy, but they have probably never before seen an online course… for cooking! Let them level-up their IRL food game with one of these extremely well-executed online cooking classes. Click here to read a full review of Rouxbe.

Funny bracelet that says "delete my browser history and destroy my phone"

Browser History Bracelet Pin

Alert! Upon your friend’s death, someone must clear their browser history. Now, if the worst happens, those taking care of them will know what to do. Phew.

Variety Snack Care Package Cookie Chips & Candies Bundle (60 Care Package)


Everyone loves food. Surprise your internet friend with snacks they can enjoy while spending more time on the internet.

Custom #Bracelet

Come up with your very own internet friend hashtag and have it engraved on a leather bracelet.

Card that says "of all the weirdos on the internet, you were my favourite"

Weirdos on the Internet Card

The perfect card for when you just want to let your weirdo internet friend know how much you care.

Work save travel repeat piggy bank

Glass Travel Fund

If you have an internet friend, you probably want to be able to see each other in person someday. A glass travel fund is a perfect gift idea for those who want to save to see each other.

I Miss You Gifts for Her Him Women Men - I Miss Your Face | Long Distance Best Friend Friendship Gifts | I Wish You Lived Next Door Candle, Unique Candle Gifts for Sisters Mom | Funny Birthday Present

Long Distance Friendship Candle

Everyone loves candles, and internet friends are no different. Give them a candle that says, “I Miss You”.

LuvLink Infinity Lamp v2 Award Winning Friendship Lamp - Simple Bluetooth Setup (Set of Two, Mint)

Long Distance Friendship Light

Friendship lights are really cool! They use WIFI so when you touch the lamp, the other person knows you are thinking about them because their light goes on.

Internet Friends Enamel Pin Set

Internet Friends Enamel Pin Set

This cute enamel pin set is a fun way to link you and your internet friend to each other even if you’re far apart. Keep half for yourself and send the other; it even comes on a card that’s perfect for gifting!

Very online cap

Very Online Hat

If you have internet friends that you’re buying gifts for it’s probably not a stretch to assume you and your friends are also very online. Don’t shy away from this! Instead, help your internet bestie celebrate this quirk by giving them this hat. Too bad the only people who will see it are their other internet friends, though…

NEEWER Ring Light 18inch Kit: 55W 5600K Professional LED with Stand and Phone Holder, Soft Tube & Bag for Tattoo Lash Extension Barber Makeup Artist Studio Video Photography Lighting, RL-18

Ring Light

Whether you want to support their budding Tik Tok or streaming career or you’re just sick of not being able to see their face properly because of poor lighting a ring light makes a great gift for anyone who doesn’t already have one.

Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) | HD smart display with premium sound, motion and Alexa | Charcoal

Amazon Echo Show

If they don’t already have one (and you, for that matter) Echo Shows are seriously great gifts for folks who do a lot of video calling. You can set it up anywhere and it even tracks you as you move so you and your internet friend can multitask while you talk.

Godrelish 1-inch 9Digits LED Event Timer Countdown/up Clock with Days Hours Mins Secs Max Up to 1000 Days Indoor LED Countdown Clock Red Color

Countdown Clock

If you are planning to go see your friend, a great gift to give is a countdown clock. You can set the clock to countdown until the day you plan to meet.

JUBTIC Password Keeper Book with Alphabetical Tabs. Medium Size Password Book for Seniors, Internet Website Address Log in Detail. Hardcover Password Notebook for Home Office, Navy Blue

Password Book

If you met your friend on the internet chances are that you both work remotely online. With that kind of job, you are always creating new accounts with new passwords. This internet password book is a life saver. It can also be good for your personal passwords too!

Personalized social media username keychain assorted

Personalized Username Keychain

If you and your internet friend mat via social media this is a fun way to immortalize their online persona. Choose their favorite social media platform then add personalization to include their username. Then you can have it shipped right to them!

You can't handle the power i wield as a discord mod mug

Discord Mod Mug

Did you meet your internet friend on Discord? I’ve made a tonne of friends that way, including on a server I used to moderate. Anyway, this mug is amazing and if you’re in that position it’s a must for any Discord pals (underlings).

Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet


None of us really read quite as much as we should. So, get your friends relaxing and reading a little more by sending them books as a gift.

Apple iPad (Wi-Fi, 32GB) - Silver (Previous Model)

Apple IPAD Mini

If you want to go all out for your friend, an Apple IPAD Mini is an excellent option especially for those who need the internet daily. Those who work on the internet would really love one of these as a gift.

ASUS Chromebook C523 Laptop, 15.6' HD NanoEdge-Display with 180 Degree-Hinge Intel Dual Core Celeron-Processor, 4GB-RAM, 32GB Storage, Silver Color, C523NA-DH02


Another great, all-out, option is a Chromebook. Chromebooks are versatile and can be carried with you almost anywhere. This means you can always stay in contact with your internet friends.

Funny you're on mute mug

You’re on Mute Mug

Now this is something we can all relate to! If you have an online friend who’s always on mute give them this mug. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll remember to unmute their mic now.

Customizable LED social media follower sign

Social Media Following LED Sign

This LED sign is fully customizable to show the following count from almost every popular social media platform, plus other important info like the date and time. Even if they’re not trying to be an influencer it’s still a fun gift idea for anyone who likes to build their social accounts.

Ray-Ban Stories | Meteor Square Smart Glasses, Shiny Black/Green, 51 mm

Ray-Ban Stories Sunglasses

What’s so special about these sunglasses, exactly? Well not only are they cool looking Ray-Bans, they actually have a built in camera! By connecting to their phone they can take photos and video everywhere they go hands free. There’s even a mic! If you can’t be there with them this might be the next best thing.

NOWWISH Romantic and Funny 14oz Black Mug for Men - Best Thing I Found on the Internet, Ideal Gift for Him, Boyfriend, Husband, on Anniversary, Birthday, Valentines Day, Unique and Practical

The Best Thing I Found on the Internet Mug

Mugs like this are cute gift ideas for internet friends! Sometimes we find friends in the most unexpected places, including online. (Plus it’s a great travel mug, which is nice and practical.)

Jeff Goldblum x Starry Night sticker

Internet Memes IRL

We all love our internet memes but they’re even funnier when someone takes the time to print them out and deliver them IRL. There are so many options out there, but I’m especially partial to this Jeff Goldblum x Starry Night sticker because I love both Jurassic Park and Van Gogh.

r/bitcoin funny wizard mug gift

Reddit Mug

If you’re as chronically online as I am then you probably bore witness to the hilarity that was r/bitcoin’s rise and fall. Immortalize this part of internet history with this funny and very well-drawn mug. After you give it to your friend, make sure they holdt it… It could go up in value…

The Internet Was a Mistake Shirt

The Internet Was a Mistake Shirt

The more time you spend online the more you realize that the internet, like anime, was a mistake. These funny shirts are perfect gift ideas for all your internet friends (and you too), and it even comes in a variety of fun colors.

Unique AOL buddy list art poster gift ideas for internet friends

Aol Buddy List Poster (Printable)

This is definitely a unique gift idea for your internet friends! Whether they’re old enough to remember having an AOL buddy list (like me T_T) or they love the Y2K vibe this art print is a really cool take on the classic AOL design. Send the digital file to all your internet friend to print themselves or order it from a printer that delivers for a more complete gift. Don’t forget to send a frame too!

In today’s fast paced world, we are making more and more friends from the internet. These friends may be friends we will never meet in person, but they are friends none the less. Many of us meet people we work with online, meet people who are going through the same things we are online, or begin talking to friends from the past in our life.

Whether you have a friend you will never meet, or someone long distance that you hang out with a few times a year, we have found the perfect gift ideas for your internet friends.

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