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Our 20 Favorite Asexual Pride Birthday Gift Ideas

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Now they can show the world their asexual pride with these wonderful birthday gift ideas. Or buy one for yourself and be an ally or show your own pride. Help fight stigma and bring awareness to this often forgotten member of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Pride Button

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They can get to the point with this button – it has the asexual pride flag with the word “PRIDE” on top. Perfect!

Ace Flag Mug Cozy

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They can non-sexually drink their hot beverage while it’s still hot with this mug cozy.

Asexual Pride Flag

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Pride flags are wonderful to have for LGBTQ+ people. Besides the obvious use they make great capes when going to pride parades or festivals.

Crocheted Pokeball

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A hand crocheted Pokeball done in the asexual pride flag design. Good for playing Pokemon go or throwing at their friends.

Pendant Necklace

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A simple pendant necklace made of polymer clay. So cute!

Asexual Pride Patch

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They can add this patch to a hat, coat, bag, or whatever they want to show of their asexual pride.

Pillar Candle

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You can order this candle in Birthday Cake scent, Sugar Cookies scent, or unscented, in the colours of the Asexual Pride flag.

Star Scarf

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Your ace friend is definitely a star and this scarf, done in the colours of the pride flag, has stars on the ends.

I Want To Do People Like… Magnet

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This sarcastic magnet will definitely hit home with the ace people in your life. It says “I want to do people like I want to do homework. Not at all.”

Knit Hat

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This hat makes a great conversation starter and is also a fantastic way to keep warm when it’s cold.

Aces Are Aces

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Hey I was going to make this joke! It’s a nicely designed print that reminds your friend they’re top tier.

Heart Bracelet

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Send some love over to your asexual friend with this flag-coloured heart bracelet. It’s made to size so it’ll be a perfect fit!

Chainmail Necklace

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A gorgeous necklace that reimagines the flag in a knotted swirl. Called a love knot, they’re definitely sure to love this necklace.

Pride Bow

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This asexual pride bow is cool because of all the options. You can order something that clips into their hair or a bowtie depending on who you’re shopping for. Yay for options!

Fingerless Gloves

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Alongside keeping their hands and wrists warm these gloves have a couple bonus uses: 1. You can still use your smartphone while wearing gloves and 2. They can help minimize human contact. They’re also super cute, so there’s that.

Ace Pride Pin Set

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4 different buttons: The asexual pride flag, the ace of spades, sex does not equal joy, and cake is better than sex.

Pride Bunny

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For the ones who like cute stuffed animals this is perfect. One of this adorable bunny’s ears is done in the pride flag.

Vintage Science Artwork

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These posters are vintage-style and include the main scientific disciplines: physiology, physics, biology, chemistry, and astronomy.

Asexual Pride Ornament

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If you’re giving a gift around Christmas this tree ornament is a perfect choice. It has little fireworks with hearts in the centre all over in the pride flag colours.

Courage Necklace

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This simple hand stamped necklaces has the pride flag colours attached in beads. The word “courage” on the metal piece can serve as a reminder for your ace loved one. Beautiful.

It’s going to mean a lot to whoever you’re giving this sort of gift to that you’re thinking of them. Even if you’re not ace yourself, being a good ally involves a sensitivity and compassion to someone else’s struggle. A little pride gift reminds them you care.

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