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20 Gifts for Your Wife’s 70th Birthday

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So it’s been quite some time together? What could your wife possibly need? Sometimes it’s not just necessity but the thought behind the gift that women are looking for. So here are some thoughtful suggestions for you to give a try!

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Gifts for Your Wife’s 70th Birthday

Eye Glass Chain

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If your partner is always losing her glasses, here’s a fashionable way to keep them close.

Champagne Earrings

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These earrings are classy and timeless, the perfect gift or your gracefully aging wife.


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This watercolor painting is abstractly beautiful. If your wife is an art collector, this one needs to be put on display.

Medicine Cabinet

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One part joke, two parts gorgeous, this medicine cabinet for any rustic homeware lovers is such a great gift. It’s great to keep any medication needed in an easy to spot place, plus adds some spice to the home decor.

Crochet Pattern

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Maybe your wife is a DIY wonder woman and in need of some new inspiration, this adorable pattern is a must try!

Vintage Necklace

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This necklace screams old Hollywood and definitely something to gift your lovely star with.

Recipe Cards

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I’m sure your lady might have quite a few family recipes up her sleeve. Give her the tools to pass them down with these recipe cards!

Custom Baking Pan

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If Sunday is still family dinner and your wife is the baker, this is such a great sweet gift for her to have! Everyone will know who made their favorite dish with this pan.

Cross Stitch Pattern Book

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In need of a new hobby? Offer a few suggestions with this cross stitch guide book!

Grandchild Photo Holder

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If the grandkids don’t already have a special place in the home, this rustic photo holder will do the trick!

Embossed Rolling Pin

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To add a bit of spice into Grandma’s cookie’s and pies!

Generational Necklace Set

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A sweet way to connect the family together.

Cheers to 70 years Wine Glass

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A cheeky gift for the woman in your life.

Gardening Set

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If she loves to garden upgrade her set with this one. Amazing and affordable!

Deluxe Artist Set

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With retirement comes some free time, help her fill it with this deluxe artist set!

Breakfast in Bed

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Make her an amazing breakfast in bed! If you don’t have a tray already, here’s an affordable one from Amazon.

Knitting Needles and Case

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Help keep her needles tidy in one place with this caring gift.


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A great blanket is truly hard to come by. One that is perfect to sit by the fire in or watch a movie in. One like this will surely be loved during the winter nights.

Best Grandma Tee

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If she doesn’t own one already, her collection must start now!

Family Momento Frame

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A unique display of the love spread wide between generations.

Personalized Locket

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A way to always keep you close to her heart.

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