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Invader Zim Gifts For 90’s Kids

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Are you trying to think of the perfect gift idea for the overgrown 90’s kid in your life? Invader Zim was (and still is!) a wildly popular animation and comic series that a lot of people from my generation grew up on. It follows the evil, yet adorable, alien invader Zim on his antics while attempting to conquer the world.

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There is no shortage of a fanbase for this series, which is great news for you! That means there’s plenty of merchandise to sift through. We’ve done the work, so you don’t have to, so check it out!

20 Out of This World Gifts For Invader Zim Fans


Let’s get started with the best gift ideas for your favorite fan!

Gir Plush

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This adorable little robot is an excellent addition to any collection! He’s so tiny and fits anywhere.


DOOM DOOM DOOM: The Art of Invader Zim

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Your fan will love this book! It’s packed full of art by Zim’s creator, Jhonen Vasquez!


Doomsday Dice Game

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If they just can’t get enough Zim, this dice-rolling game is a great idea!


Laptop Bag

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This officially licensed laptop bag is a must-have for any fan on the go!


Gir/Zim Hoodie

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This soft and warm hoodie is inspired by robot assistant Gir’s costume of Zim he wears! So cute!



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Save your Zim fan from impending doom by helping them keep track of their keys, so they don’t fall into the wrong hands!


Vinyl Decal

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This sticker is perfectly subtle and has a vast color selection. Find the perfect one for your Zim fan!


Adorable Pillow Case

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The best gift you can get is sleep. Make your fan’s sleep even cooler with this Zim pillowcase!


“Doom” T-Shirt

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Your Zim fan is busy being an adult. Let their shirt do the threatening for them!


Needle Minder

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Does your Zim fan enjoy sewing while watching their favorite alien attempt, yet again, to destroy the world? This is a unique gift and is guaranteed to be a favorite!


Custom Painted Shoes

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Buy them something incredibly unique and handmade with a pair of these customizable Vans!


Doom Is Coming Print

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Your fan is sure to welcome this new piece of art into their home – and it’s even signed by the artist!


20 oz. Tumbler

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Destroying the planet is thirsty work, so keep your Invader Zim fan hydrated with this hand-painted travel cup!


Gir Riding the Pig Necktie

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Let your fan stand out at the next staff meeting with this super bright necktie!


Shower Curtain

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The beauty of being a 90’s kid is we can do adult things like wanting a shower curtain, but also have fun with it and put our favorite cartoon character on it!


Absorbent Mat

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This is the perfect item to pair with your fan’s new shower curtain!


Gir and Zim Apron

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If your Zim fan fancies themself a chef of sorts, protect them from evil food stains with this apron!


Mouse Pad

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Your fan will find love in the weirdest place when they see this adorable new mouse pad!


Zim Characters Keychain

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This keyring features all the fan favorites from Invader Zim and would be the perfect addition to the lanyard earlier in the list!


Collector’s Edition Funko Pop!

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Grab this popular figure for your Zim fan before the internet runs out – because they were a Hot Topic exclusive.


These aren’t the only things out there, but they are the best! Did you grab anything off of our list for your Invader Zim fan? If you did, give us a shoutout on Twitter (@ugifter) or Instagram (@uniquegifter) and let us know what you got!

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