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20 Green Gift Ideas for Earth Conscious People

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Do you know someone whose blood runs green? If they have an obsession with saving the planet and reducing their carbon footprint where possible, get them something they’re really going to appreciate this Christmas. Here are 20 green gift ideas appreciated by any green freedom fighter.

I love all of these eco friendly ideas; they will be perfect gifts for my sister in law and my cousin. So green!


Green Gift Ideas for Earth Conscious People

Flip Flop Doormats

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Nothing is cooler than a doormat made from recycled flip flops. Forget practical, this looks cool even from a distance. It’s useful for scrubbing away dirt and draining excess water on rainy days. You have tons of options when it comes to color and texture.

Soap Nuts

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Stop buying commercial laundry detergent and pick out some soap nuts instead. These 100% biodegradable soap nuts from soapberry trees are as clean as a baby’s bottom. These budget changers are cheap and wash twice as many clothes as your normal detergent.

Seed Packets

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It doesn’t sound like much of a unique gift, but if you’re putting together a gift basket seed packets simply must figure. Go to the next level and purchase seeds from a specialist supplier. Now their garden can grow alongside their desire for saving the planet.

Rosemary Bushes

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Potted plants are always appreciated. Bring along a rosemary bush as a way to warm the house up this holiday season. When they grow they grow large, so the Earth conscious person in your life will have plenty to do.

Burt’s Bees Miracle Salve

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No, this isn’t snake oil and it’s not the secret to long life. It’s for the adventure traveller who cares about the environment. This balm treats everything from chapped lips to split ends. It’s the snake oil that actually works!

Vermicompost Bin

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To make compost you need a system. This is the system for you. When the worms want to nom at all those eggshells and coffee grounds, it creates a stinky smell. Vermicompost bins make no smell at all. Now you can keep it in your kitchen without creating a stink.

Ecosystem in a Globe

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Ecosystem in a Globe is the coolest thing since man landed on the moon. In fact, NASA developed it. These self-supporting systems eat microorganisms, grow algae, grow bacteria, whilst maintaining a perfect balance. Now you really can be the king of your own little world, at least for two years.


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You don’t have to be Bruce Springsteen or a biker from the 90s to wear bandanas. They’re cheap, handy for washing dishes, and pretending you’re Punky Brewster. Add a unique twist by tying them into a stack with hemp string and adding a country bumpkin style tag.

Fabric Shopping Bags

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You don’t have to look like a bag lady to shop green. These fabric shopping bags fold into their own pocket and provide ample space for those unexpected shopping sprees.

Organic Sleep Sack

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Wrap your baby up like a loaf of warm bread with the organic sleep sack. Insert baby, zip up the front, carry baby. You’re already treating your offspring to the benefits of going green!

Soy Candles

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Created by artisans, soy candles are the balance between craftsmanship and practicality. They come in a range of funky smells you won’t find from a normal candle.

The Shower Saver

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Conserve water and understand how much you’re wasting with the shower timer. It really does change habits and will help your friend improve their habits.

Water Clock

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Save energy by not using it in the first place. The water clock says no to electricity and batteries and functions entirely with water. Each injection of plain old tap water can last for weeks.

Organic Chocolate

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Because everyone loves chocolate, right? Organic chocolate isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for the people who make it because they’re getting a fair wage. What could be better?

Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack

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Even the socially conscious hippie type loves wine. Save a few trees with this wine rack from, you guessed it, recycled wine racks.

Recycled Hand Warmers

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Not everything has to be unique. Sometimes you need something practical. Recycled hand warmers use skin-friendly fabrics in a one size fits all type of comfort.

Sprout Watch

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Nothing to do with sprouts here. The sprout watch comes with a corn resin case and an organic cotton strap. Now they can time themselves whilst they tire you with lectures on how much energy you SHOULD be saving at home.

Pulpop MP3 Speaker

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A cross between an exotic hair removal kit and something from the side of a UFO, this MP3 speaker is made entirely of paper. Plus it’s just plain weird-looking.

Solar-Powered Charger

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Charge your favorite devices from anywhere with the power of the sun. Plus, it lights up. That alone means it’s already a ‘must buy’.

Non-Alcoholic Organic Wine

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Is there anything purer than a non-drinker and an environmental nut job?

No! So if all else fails you can always scrape the bottom of the (wine) barrel and opt for a bottle of non-alcoholic organic wine instead.

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