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20 Gadget Gifts That Fit in Your Wallet

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Do you know there are amazing gadgets that can fit your wallet? Given that wallets are never left behind, to have gadgets that will fit in those wallets will be an amazing thing.

These are so nifty! Amazing gadget gifts that are also perfect stocking stuffers. I'm getting one for my brother.

Although not all of them will fit in the wallet at the same time but at least you can always have a gadget in your wallet whenever you like. Let’s look at 20 wallet size gadget gifts that you can present to your loved ones.

You never know when your boyfriend will be trying to recharge his phone, or your coworker will be cutting open a box and want to use her survival tool.

Gadget Gifts That Fit in Your Wallet


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Sometimes there are urgent meetings that come up. This is where a carzor comes in, use it to prepare your face quickly to look sharp and ready for the urgent meeting.

Wallet Ninja 18-in-1 Pocket Multi-tool

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This multi-tool is made from heat treated steal and is suitable for campers, carpenters, mechanics and hobbyists.

Folding Pocket Knife

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With this knife you will always be in control.

Mini LED Christmas Tree Light Folding Card

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Surprise your loved ones during Christmas with this 3 piece pack of red, blue and green lights.

It’s just the thing for a little cubicle decoration, or a white elephant gift idea.

Memory Card Holder

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Do you have a photographer friend who is always looking to carry a ton of memory?  This is a great gift for them.

Slim Card Style Bug Detector

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Ultimate detection tool that is calibrated for pulse indicator (recognizing GSM and RF) and low battery indicator. When used, it doesn’t attract people’s attention.

Smartphone and Tablet Foldable Stand

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A tablet and smartphone stand that fits in your wallet for all types of smartphones and tablets.

Credit Card Sized LED Flashlight

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This flashlight is water resistant and it is only 5mm thin and it is brighter than the normal cell phone flash light.


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Have you ever wondered what you would do if you ever needed a scanner and you‘re on the road? If the answer is yes then you’ve got to have a slimscan.

Bluetooth Mouse

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Do you have a friend or relative who is slow without a mouse? If yes then this is the best gift to that relative or friend.

Pocket Size Keyboard

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Turn your tablet, smartphone or iPad into a laptop either horizontally or vertically.

Credit Bank Card Size Cell Phone

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This phone is perfect as a secondary mobile phone, its features include; Mp3 function, Bluetooth, touch shock, alarm clock, FM radio and calendar.

Wallet Size Power Bank

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A wallet size external charger for android and iPhone.

Tool Logic Survival Card

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It comes with nine essential tools like blade, opener and tweezers.

Credit Card Bank Card Shape USB Flash Drive

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The card shape says it all. It will fit in any wallet.

Wallet USB Cable

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This wallet size cable comes in handy when there is need to connect a cell phone to a USB plug.

Wireless Key Finder

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Have you ever lost your keys and you felt like crying? Worry no more, this wireless key finder is the best companion and it will always help you locate your keys.

Wallet Flask

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This is cool! Carrying a flask in a wallet and it can carry at least six ounces.

Gig 2 Go flash Drive

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Gig 2 Go contains four disposable USB flash drives fitting in your wallet. You just need to break a drive or drives from your card.

Lithium Card

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This portable charger is powerful compared to a power bank.

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