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20 STEM Birthday Gifts for a 9 Year Old Girl 

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It doesn’t matter whether you need to get a birthday gift for a 9 year old girl who loves One Direction or one who plans to go to Mars. Either way, a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) gift should be on the top of your list. If she’s already studying for astronaut camp then she’ll absolutely love it. If not, these gifts are so cool she won’t even know she’s learning science! Who knows what she’ll achieve?

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STEM Birthday Gifts for a 9 Year Old Girl

Microscope and Activity Journal

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Designed by a kickass female scientist, this microscope is a real science tool. Girls will enjoy using the microscope and trying out the experiments featured in the cute keepsake journal that comes with it.

Marble Run

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This classic game is sneakily scientific! Not only is it super fun to get creative with the different runs and watch the marble drop, it’s basically engineering!

All-Natural Soaps Science Kit

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Learn chemistry, biology and create spa-worthy soaps all at the same time? Yes it is possible! This gorgeous kit will give girls everything they need to create their own bespoke range of soaps.

Makey Makey

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It’s things like this that make me feel like I’m living in the future. With this invention kit and a computer you can turn anything into a keyboard! (Including a banana.)

Way to Grow Hydroponics Kits

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This unique kit allows girls to grow plants with just seeds and water. They can then record their experiments in their very own gardening diary. It’s also got a great name.

Dot Robotics Kit

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Dot is probably the world’s cutest robot but she’s not just a pretty face! It’s an amazing gift that teaches it’s owner how to code in a really fun way. It comes with adventures and challenges to complete that turn Dot into anything from an alarm clock to fortune teller. I want one!

Snap Circuits Sounds Electronics Discovery Kit

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I’ve noticed that kids of all genders and ages love playing with snap circuits. They make a very satisfying sound when you click them together. Plus with this one kids can experiment with sound and music. Pretty cool.

Perfume Lab

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This beautifully packaged set includes everything you need to make your own signature scents! I love how appealing this makes chemistry and scientific methods to girls who might otherwise not be that interested. I told you this was a list for everyone!

Mega Fossil and Gemstone Dig Kits

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This would be a great gift for a girl who’s already interested in the world around her. She can practice being a geologist by sifting and digging for all sorts of hidden treasures.

Nature Keeper and Tree Diary

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If you need to get a gift for a girl who loves wildlife and nature then you’ve found it! This pretty pack will inspire her to get outdoors and investigate her surroundings.

Bubble Gum Factory

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A science experiment that you can eat after? I don’t think it gets better than that.

Chemistry Lab

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This beautifully designed chemistry lab is specifically designed to boost science confidence in girls. How great is that? It gives them everything they need to safely conduct cool chemistry experiments right at home in their kitchen.

Multiplication Slam

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An educational version of Bop It! This is a great gift for girls who love maths (and a sneaky way to get those who don’t like it to practice.)

Crystal Growing Kit

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This is a lovely gift that girls can have some fun with. They’ll learn how to grow their own stunning crystals and, of course, all the science behind it.

Glow in the Dark 3D Moon and Stars

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Every 9 year old girls loves to decorate their own bedroom and this is a really unique way to do it. They’ll create their own galaxy in the bedroom (and learn about space as they decorate.)

Soda Pop Science Kit

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All of this science can be thirsty work. Luckily Project MC2 have created just the kit to solve this problem! I wonder what strange and creative flavours can be made?

Kitchen Science Kit

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This Kitchen Science Kit contains some classic but cool experiments. Who’s up for a volcano in their kitchen?

All-Natural Lip Balm Boutique

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Any 9 year old girl will love creating her own natural lip balm. The fact that she’s learning chemistry as well is just an added bonus.

A Smart Friendship Bracelet

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A friendship bracelet has long been a classic gift for a 9 year old girl. Now they’ve been brought into the 21st century! This smart friendship bracelet allows kids to communicate with each other and teaches them to code.

Ice Cream Science Kit

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If you thought creating your own bubble gum and soda pop was good, I’ve saved the best until last. Who doesn’t love ice cream?

Are you ready to inspire a 9 year old girl to be the first woman on Mars or code the next Minecraft? Which birthday gift are you going to get to start her off? Let us know in the comments. We’re @ugifter on twitter and @uniquegifter on instagram.

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