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20 Things Every Canicross Runner Needs

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Canicross is the sport of running with your dog pulling in front of you with a bungee cord.  It originated during off-season training for sled dogs, but is becoming an increasingly popular stand-alone activity for owners and dogs of a variety of breeds and sizes.  Do you know a canicross runner or someone who may be interested in the sport?  Check out the list of 20 gifts suitable for canicross runners of all levels (and their dogs).

What is canicross? Running with your dog! Here's a list of 20 things every canicross runner needs. They make excellent birthday and Christmas gifts!


Best Things Every Canicross Runner Needs

Cross Back Dog Harness

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The cross back harness comes in a variety of sizes for any dog.  It has adequate padding to prevent rubbing during running, which is a must.

Running Leash

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One end attaches to the dog harness while the other is attached to the running belt.  A running leash with a bungee line mechanism is necessary to absorb shock.

Waist Belt

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A waist belt with a padded backside will provide the most comfort while running with a dog.

Bungee Dog Coupler

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This dog coupler allows two dogs to be attached to one tow line, once the canicross addiction sets in and one dog is no longer enough.


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The neckline works to keep two dogs on the correct side to prevent them from tangling or separating.

“Mushers Secret” Paw Cream

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This must-have cream helps to moisturise and protect paws on hard pavement or trails.

“RunGoo” Cream

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“RunGoo” Cream is to feet what “Mushers Secret” is to paws.  It helps to moisturise feet and prevent blister formation while running.

Personalised Reflective Dog Collar

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This reflective dog collar ensures visibility while running, and can continue to be worn after a run.  The slide-on pet ID tag comes custom engraved with pet and contact details.

LED Headlamp

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Perfect for lighting the way during evening runs in the winter when the sun begins to set way too early.

Dog Collar Light

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This dog collar light will keep dogs visible to drivers and other joggers at night time.

“Camelbak” Hydration Pack

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For runners that like to go longer distances, a hydration pack is a great way to carry water without the need to clutch on to a bottle.

Portable Dog Water Bowl

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The canicross dog needs to keep hydrated as well.  This portable bowl comes with a clip for easy attachment to the running belt or hydration pack.

Running Shoes

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A quality pair of running shoes will take both the runner and dog a long way.

Running Socks

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Running socks are specifically designed to be light weight and moisture wicking for a comfortable feel.

Exercise Armband

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An exercise armband is great for keeping a smartphone or music player attached and accessible while on the go.

Sports Headphones

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A hassle free pair of sports headphones will help keep the team running with their favourite tunes.

Moisture Wicking Headband

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Available in a variety of fun colours, this will help wick away sweat while keeping hair off the face.

Polarised Sun Glasses

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Polarised glasses help protect eyes from UV rays and reduce eye fatigue.  This lightweight and slim design is perfect for outdoor physical activities.


RunKeeper is a downloadable app for smartphones for tracking activity progress and keeping motivated.

“Sports & Activities for You and Your Dog” Book

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This book contains a brief look at other dog sports that a canicross fan may be interested in trying out including skijoring, bikejoring, weight pulling, agility, and flyball.

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