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Gift Basket Ideas: For Cat Lovers

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Cat lovers often don’t know when to stop when it comes to cats.  Add to their collection with these fun gifts for feline themed gift baskets. But before you get started, be sure to check out our list of what NOT to put in a gift basket!

1. Catnip Tea

We all know that catnip is popular with cats, but it also has a gentle soothing effect on humans.

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2. Cat Candle with Skeleton

Not just a regular cat shaped candle, this one is as close to anatomically correct as candles come with a spooky aluminium skeleton revealed once the wax melts.

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3. Luxurious Cat Soap

Luxury soap is a fairly standard addition to gift baskets.  Cat shaped soap is even better.

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4. Cat Shaped Gummies

Satisfy the sugar cravings with these cute and delicious edible cats.


5. Robot Cat Alarm Clock

Just incase their existing cat doesn’t already wake them up at 5am every morning, this alarm clock certainly can.


6. Cat Pen

Pens are always useful to have around and this one makes writing fun.

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7. Bobble Head Ring Holder

Perfect for organising the jewellery collection of cat rings.

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8. Cat Butt Magnets

Elegant fridge magnets can move aside, these cat butts are here to stay.

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9. Cone Kitty Air Freshener

If decorating their entire house with cat products isn’t enough, they’ll love this cone kitty air freshener for their vehicle.


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10. Cat Table Napkin Holder

For the host who loves having dinner parties with their cat loving friends.

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11. Adorable Cat Makeup Pouch

Perfect for keeping toiletries and makeup together in one furry place.

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12. Cat Kitchen Timer

Plain egg timers are lame.  This one is shaped like a cat.

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13. Cat Paw Bottle Opener

This cat paw bottle opener is handy to use and looks great on the kitchen counter.

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14. Wine Lives Glass Markers

For when people come over to drink wine and share cat stories.

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15. Kitty Nail Art Decals

These cute kitty nail decals can be used in a variety of nail combinations.

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16. Cat Smartphone Holder

A funky holder for that precious smartphone.

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17. Rubber Ducky Cats

These rubber ducky cats will keep them company at bath time because their real cat won’t go anywhere near the water.

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18. Cat Face Balloons

Plain balloons will look boring next to these party balloons with a cat face on them.

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19. Cat Planter Pot Accessory

They won’t forget to water their plants with this cute pot accessory batting it’s eyelashes.

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20. Siamese Kitten Stamp

The scrapbook enthusiast will love to decorate with this cute little kitten stamp.

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21. Sitting Kitten Door Stop

A majestic door stop to keep guard of an entire room.

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23. Cat Paw USB

The cat paw USB flash drive comes in a variety of colours to keep your files protected.

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23. Artistic Playing Cards

Every household needs playing cards and these fashionable cat cards will be a hit.

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24. Cat Buttons

Perfect for sewing onto crazy cat lady sweaters.

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25. Grumpy Cat Holiday Ornament

Even the Grinch will be able to appreciate this adorable Grumpy Cat Holiday Ornament.

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