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20th Platinum Modern Anniversary Gifts for Him

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Sometimes finding a gift for your husband is not the easiest thing in the world, but the important part is finding something that you feel he will like and that is also thoughtful. As for your 20th platinum modern anniversary, there are so many cool ideas listed here, it just may be hard to choose only one.

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Special  20th Platinum Modern Anniversary Gifts for Him

Platinum Wedding Band

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This platinum wedding band is plain, yet handsome!

Bud Light Platinum Blue Beer Bottle Candle

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You pick the scent on this Bud Light platinum blue beer bottle candle for him. It is great for the bathroom or wherever he chooses to put it, and still very masculine.

Platinum Necklace with Guitar Pick

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If he is a guitarist or music enthusiast, he will love receiving a platinum necklace with a popular band guitar pick on it.

Skull Bracelet

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The skull bracelet, with platinum and other metals used to make it, just might be right up his alley for your 20th platinum modern anniversary.

Engraved Heartbeat Platinum Ring

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You two are not only joined in marriage, but also in your hearts.

Platinum Tier Shirt

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If he isn’t much into jewelry or the other types of platinum gifts, a “Platinum” Tier shirt might be one of the few that pleases him.

Sterling Silver Platinum and Black Rhodium Puzzle Pieces Necklaces

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You fit together like puzzle pieces and now you have matching necklaces for that.

Personalized Engraved Platinum Wedding Band

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Engrave a platinum wedding band with a personalized message for him, especially if you two need new wedding bands or want to renew your vows.

“Merry Christmas” Platinum Cufflinks

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These cufflinks are great for an anniversary that is close to Christmas.

Bud Light Platinum Upcycled Shot and Drinking Glass Set

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What would be better than drinking his beer or other beverage out of glasses that were actually made with upcycled Bud Light beer bottles.

Handcrafted Platinum Feather Ring

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For the husband who is a fan of birds or the outdoors, a handcrafted platinum feather ring will make a lovely gift.

Sapphire and Platinum Cufflinks

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You can’t go wrong with a pair of sapphire and platinum cufflinks that he could wear with his suits.

Black and Platinum Sauce Bowl

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While this is a “sauce bowl,” it can be used for him to set his watch, rings, phone, or whatever else on at the end of the day instead.

Platinum and Wood Wedding Ring Set

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Platinum and wood wedding rings are unique and attractive, and this comes with one for each of you.

Platinum Tie Clips Set

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The platinum tie clips set comes in a set of five, so if he loses one, he will have another to replace it.

Rough Design Platinum Ring

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Your husband is rough and rugged, that is why he needs a rough design platinum ring as a gift for your 20th platinum modern anniversary this year.

Platinum Grey Tie

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While it is not a traditional “platinum,” the color is a platinum grey, and it comes in either skinny or regular!

Lobster Clasp Platinum Keyring

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Put any charms, or other pieces, on this lobster clasp platinum keyring once you get it.

Platinum Toned Tie Tack Set

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You can make him a lot of great tie tacks with this set of twelve platinum-toned tie tacks.

Genuine Watch Cogs and Gears Platinum Cufflinks

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If your husband is fascinated with watches’ inner workings, the genuine watch cogs and gears platinum cufflinks are an excellent choice for him to wear.

Many choices here to choose from when searching for that perfect gift for your husband on your 20th platinum modern anniversary this year.

And if you’re halfway there, we have some 10th anniversary gifts too!

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