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4 Year Dating Anniversary Gift Ideas

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When you have been together for four years, you may have your gift buying down to a science, but just in case you don’t, this list is here to assist you in picking the perfect gift for your significant other on your fourth dating anniversary. From jewelry to paintings to mugs, and more, there is something for everyone. This is such a great time for you as a couple and a gift is a wonderful bonus.

The Perfect 4 Year Dating Anniversary Gift Ideas

Personalized Photo Engraved Dog Tag Necklace

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A photo engraved dog tag necklace is something that they will be able to keep as a memory keepsake for a long time to come, and can wear close to their heart whenever they put it on.

Watercolor Painting of Couple

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You likely have a million photos of the two of you together, why not turn one into a one-of-a-kind watercolor painting?

Tiny Box of Romantic Gestures

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When your relationship seems a little stale, this Tiny Box of Romantic Gestures can get things going in the right direction again.

“My girlfriend thinks I’m crazy, but I’m not the one dating me” Shirt

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If you think he’s crazy, then this is the shirt to get him.

“Netflix & Chill pillow” Pillow Case

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For all that time you spend Netflix and chilling, you need a pillowcase that is perfect for the occasion.

“Best right swipe of my life: you” Mug

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It’s true, they were the best right swipe of your life and you were theirs.

“I love us” Wood Sign

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You love how the two of you are together. Everyone can see that just by seeing you together, but this sign will make it as plain as day.

“On paper, he’s my type” Shirt

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For when he’s your type on paper, but you know having a steady relationship is more challenging and rewarding than it looks.

“I pick you” Personalized Guitar Pick

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You will always pick each other!

“We go together like peanut butter and jelly” Mug

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You two go together so well that you are like peanut butter and jelly.

Anniversary “Together” Vinyl Wall Clock

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When you get how many years you have been together put on this vinyl wall clock, it will always be a reminder of how strong your love for each other is.

Personalized Log Vase and Candle Holder

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A sweet little decoration to symbolize your love and the four years you have been dating.

Silver Solitaire Swarovski Ring

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Nothing says “happy anniversary” like a ring, and this one is simply beautiful!

“You mocha me so happy” Flower Mug

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They make you so happy and you don’t know what you would do without them in your life!

“This is what an awesome boyfriend looks like” Shirt

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He’s an awesome boyfriend, no doubt about it. Let him wear this shirt with pride to tell everyone he sees.

“Together # days, but I’ve loved you since day 1” Pillow

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You’ve been together for 1460 days, but you have loved each other since day 1.

“I love you, babe” Travel Mug

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A simple “I love you, babe” will always go a long way. Love is always strong!

“I am yours” Keychain

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Remind them that they are yours every time they look at this keychain.

“You’re my person” Glitter Wine Glass

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For the Grey’s Anatomy lover, this “You’re my person” glitter wine glass will fill them with an immense amount of happiness and love.

“Love you more” Shirt

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If you two are always fighting over who loves the other more, one of you needs to be wearing this shirt.

The fact that you are celebrating four years together is an amazing accomplishment and a wonderful milestone! Happy anniversary!

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