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20 35th Coral/Jade Anniversary Gifts for Her

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35th Coral and Jade Anniversary Gifts For Her are beautiful treasures she is going to love. Coral, or jade, is the name of the gift-giving game when you are celebrating your 35th wedding anniversary. Having been married this long, you have been through a lot together. There are some beautiful gifts for your wife listed here, that come in either coral or jade, ones that she will love.

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Incredible 35th Corral/Jade Anniversary Gifts For Her

Your wife is going to be impressed with your gift giving skills this anniversary!

Birds Nest Coral Cluster

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This birds’ nest coral cluster will soon become the most popular decor piece in your house, as friends and family come and notice it.

Jade Ball Earrings

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The jade ball earrings will look stunning on her ears when she wears them for special occasions and beyond.

Rose Gold Soft Coral Beaded Sparkling Druzy Quartz Bracelet

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No one else has a bracelet quite like this one, with the rose gold soft coral beads and sparkling druzy quartz.

Hand Carved Canadian Jade Lovebirds

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These hand-carved Canadian jade lovebirds are just like the two of you, in love forever.

Pink Coral Beaded Teardrop Bangle Earrings

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The beautiful pink coral beaded teardrop bangle earrings are one of a kind; they combine a couple of different styles into one.

Light Green Jade Ring

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The light green jade ring is just a simple band, but it means so much more. It means that you two have made it to your 35th wedding anniversary and that you have terrific taste in jewelry!

Multi-Strand Turquoise Coral Beads Necklace

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Unique and eye-catching, the multi-strand turquoise and coral beaded necklace will be the highlight of their outfit when they choose to wear it.

Jade Disc Earrings

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These stunning and straightforward jade disc earrings are great if she doesn’t like just “plain” earrings.

Set of 2 Boho Jewelry Bracelet and Bell

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This bracelet is so creative and fun! Plus, she can’t sneak up on you if she has a bell on her wrist!

Canadian Nephrite Jade Nuggets

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You can make your own necklace for her, or simply give her the jade nugget without a hole in it to hold onto or place in her dresser drawer.

Red Coral Branch Necklace

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The red coral branch merely is stunning, but it isn’t flashy or wild at the same time.

Jade Beaded Bracelet

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Lightly colored, but eye-catching all the same.

Beaded Coral Bracelet

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Combine this beaded coral bracelet with the beaded jade bracelet as a gift, and she will be delighted.

Jade Pendant Necklace

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If your wife is a fan of elephants, she is going to go wild for this gift!

Personalized Coral Reef Design Cutting Board

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With all of the cooking that she does for your family, a personalized coral reef design cutting board will become her favorite cooking tool for cutting up fresh veggies and fruits.

Ripple Jade Ruffle Jade Crassula Arborescens

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You can’t go wrong with a plant, such as the Ripple Jade Ruffle Jade Crassula, to add to the home for your 35th wedding anniversary.

Coral Dangle Earrings

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These coral have three pieces of coral in each one, one for each full decade that you have been married.

Canadian Nephrite Jade Cat Charm

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A jade cat charm is one of the cutest things for the woman who loves cats.

Coral and Mint Roses Asymmetrical Necklace

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This coral and mint roses asymmetrical necklace is unique. It is something you don’t see every day.

Natural Jade Jewelry Set- Necklace and Earrings

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Elegant and gorgeous necklace and earrings that will look amazing on your wife! 

As you celebrate your 35th wedding anniversary, finding the right coral or jade gift for your wife doesn’t have to be difficult and can even be fun with the aid of this list.

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