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20 21st Brass or Nickel Modern Anniversary Gifts for Her

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These 21st Brass or Nickel Modern Anniversary Gifts For Her are gorgeous, and she will love all of them! On your 21st wedding anniversary, you have two types of modern anniversary gifts to choose from for your wife, and that is brass or nickel. It is much harder to find nickel gifts than you might think! However, there are still plenty to choose from, so I have you covered!

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Unique 21st Brass Or Nickel Modern Gifts For Her

She is sure to cherish any gift she receives from you. Take a look because I am sure you will find several options. 

Staple Bar Line Stud Earrings in Brass

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This pair of staple bar line stud earrings come in brass and are some of the most unique earrings that I’ve ever seen.

Rosewood and Maple Ring with Bronze Nickel

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A beautiful rosewood and maple ring that has little dots of bronze nickel all the way around makes a wonderful gift.

Little Brass Locket Necklace

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Place some beautiful pictures in the little brass locket necklace so that she can hold those memories close to her heart every time she wears it.

Antique Brass Ball Chain

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The antique brass ball chain is so pretty, even though it is not precisely the most extraordinary one. The simplicity and shininess are stunning.

Leaf Dangle Brass Bronze Earrings

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Her ears will look even more elegant with these leaf dangle brass bronze earrings hanging from them.

“21 years and counting” Keychain with Nickel

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A simple “21 years and counting” keychain with nickel is an excellent choice for this anniversary because she is going to love it. 

Brass Hexagon Mirror

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Putting on makeup will be so much more comfortable with a brass hexagon mirror.

Triathlete Nickel Money Clip

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If she has done a triathlon or is planning to do one, the triathlete nickel money clip will keep her money contained.

Rustic Brass Hoop Earrings

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Rustic brass hoop earrings are something simple, but also eye-catching.

Personalized Silver Nickel Keychain

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Nickel keychains are classic nickel gifts to celebrate this anniversary with her.

Personalized Linen Tray with Brass Geometric Pattern

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She can use this personalized linen tray with the geometric brass pattern for her makeup, jewelry, or whatever her heart desires.

Karma Silver Nickel Circle Bracelet

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Your life together is like the circle in this karma silver nickel circle bracelet, all the good and bad that has been experienced comes and goes.

Brass Telescope with Personalized Box

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If she likes looking at the night sky, the brass telescope that comes with a personalized box makes a great gift. You can even look at the stars together.

“I pick you” Custom Nickel Guitar Pick

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She picks you; you pick her. At this point, there’s no doubt about.

Brass Tulip Purple Violet Necklace

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If regular brass gets a little bit boring, then a brass tulip purple violet necklace is much more exciting.

Textured Brass Earrings

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These textured brass earrings are shiny and beautiful!

Dragonfly Brass Brooch

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She will love wearing this dragonfly brass brooch on her blouse, jacket, or purse to celebrate your 12th wedding anniversary.

Solid Polished Brass S Door Knocker

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If your last name starts with S, you guys definitely need a solid polished brass S door knocker will look great on your front door. The shop has several other initials available as well. 

Tree of Life Brass Dreamcatcher Earrings

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The tree of life on these brass dreamcatcher earrings represents the life and family you have built together in the twelve years you have been married. This would also be a great gift idea for a Wiccan, as the tree of life is very symbolic. 

Brass Teardrop Earrings

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These brass teardrop earrings have some of the most amazing texture patterns on them; they aren’t just plain.

Brass and nickel gifts are some unique gifts, as they are not the most popular of the metals, and that means that your wife is sure to receive something unique from you for your 12th wedding anniversary.

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