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3 Year Dating Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Wow! Your three year dating anniversary is coming up soon! If you are at a loss of what to get your significant other for this anniversary, then you have certainly come to the right place. This list is the best place to get ideas, as there is something for nearly everyone here!

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Creative 3 Year Dating Anniversary Gift Ideas

Pearl Ring

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A pearl ring is such an elegant and special way to say happy third dating anniversary!

“You are mine” Keychain

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They are yours, and you are theirs, there is no doubt about that at this point, right?

“Great kisser- cupid certified” Mug

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If they are a cupid certified great kisser, then they definitely need this awesome mug. Every time they look at it, they will feel good about themselves.

“I like you” Burlap or Cotton Print Sign

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Love and like are two very different things, and it is important that you like each other as much as you love each other, even if you have disagreements from time to time. Frame this so it can go up on the wall and stand as a reminder for you both.

Initials Love Pillow

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How much the two of you love each other can be expressed in a cutesy pillow on their bed.

Couple Watercolor Portrait

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This couple portrait with watercolors is so unique and fun, and something you can both cherish for many years to come.

Romantic Game

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If you ever find yourselves bored, or at a loss for what to do that is romantic, pull the Romantic Game out to play.

“Owl always love you” Mug

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You’ll always love them, but they may need a reminder from time to time.

“Lucky us” Stamped Penny Personalized Keychain

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You two are lucky to have each other, and this lucky stamped penny on a keychain, personalized with your initials and the date you got together is a lovely way to say so.

“You’re magic” Mixed Tape USB Drive

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This mixed tape USB drive can be filled with the music the two of your love, songs that say how much you love each other, and their favorite music. It is a modern version of the mixed tape that couples used to give each other in the past.

“You have my whole heart for my whole life” Wood Sign

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They have your whole heart and for your whole life, there’s no escaping each other now!

Dainty Infinity Bracelet

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You two are happy to be together forever!

“Best boyfriend ever” Shirt

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If he’s the best boyfriend ever, he certainly needs a shirt that says as much.

Personalized Wall Wine Rack

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For the significant other that also loves wine, this personalized wall wine rack is perfect. Each time they grab a bottle of wine or a wine glass, they will remember how much you love them.

“I’m nuts about you” Keychain

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You are nuts about them. While it should be evident by now, they might like to see it on their keychain too.

“Always and forever” Wood Sign

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You love each other, always and forever. Make it wood sign official with this lovely one right here.

Photo Mug

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A photo mug may seem like an overly simple gift to give on your third dating anniversary, but a photo of you two together is so meaningful. They will smile each time they use the mug.

Sterling Silver Heart Necklace

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You can never go wrong with a silver heart necklace for your significant other on your anniversary. It is simple but so thoughtful and special at the same time.

“In my defense, I was left unsupervised” Slouchy Sweatshirt

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Great for the girlfriend who is always up to something, this sweatshirt can serve as a warning to whoever comes near her!

“If you can read this, bring me a cold beer” Socks

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Cold beer is life!

How are you celebrating three years of dating this year? No matter how you celebrate, a nice little gift is something that can make it even more special and heartwarming.

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