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20 Gift Basket Ideas: For the Chocoholic

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If you know someone who doesn’t like chocolate-don’t trust them! Just kidding, but there are many people who can’t imagine life without it. Who could have imagined such deliciousness could come out of such an awkward looking giant pod on a tree? As a chocolate lover I’m just thankful to the person who added sugar to the original recipe.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm chocolate. Can someone hook me up with these gift basket ideas? Please? For my birthday? Or Christmas?

There is a vast range of chocolate related gifts that can be given that don’t include actual chocolate.  Even the most obsessed chocolate lover needs a break from eating it.

20 Items for Your Chocolate Lover

Trader Joe’s Chocolate Passport

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Transport yourself to another gastronomical dimension with one of 8 delicious bars of single origin chocolate from all over the world. Encased in a sleek black box, each one of the bars has a stamp that indicates the country of origin. If you can’t travel to try out these bars in their actual country of origin, this is the next best thing!

Taza Chocolate Mexican Chocolate Sampler

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Instead of making anemic and sugary hot chocolate, break off a piece of the bar and add it to a cup of your favorite milk stir, and enjoy. You will experience a rich, deep chocolaty drink that will end your love of powdered chocolate drinks for good.

TCHO-a-Day, 30 Count

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I’m one of those people who needs a daily taste of chocolate. TCHO is a chocolate made in California with an amazing taste and an incredible sense of style. You will find that you will enjoy the look of the bars as much as you will enjoy the taste.

See’s Candies 1lb Box of Assorted Chocolates

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See’s Candies and Chocolates should be considered chocolate tradition in a box. A Californian chocolate tradition founded by a Canadian in 1921, most people are recognize its iconic white box with Mary See’s image emblazoned on it.

Theo Chocolate Recipe Book

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Is a great gift for the chocolate lover who enjoys baking as well. Learn how to make drinking chocolate, puddings, and more.  The Theo book is a well-crafted and visually appealing book that will take your love of chocolate to another level.

Hand Crafted Candy Bars: From Scratch, All-Natural, Gloriously Grown Up Confections

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Your chocolate lover will be able to wow friends and family with homemade candy bars created from Susan Heegar’s easy to follow recipe book. We’re not kids anymore, so our candy bars should reflect that alleged maturity.

Guittard Chocolate Cookbook

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This stunning paperback book is an absolute must for anyone who enjoys cooking with chocolate. Guittard Chocolate Company created this must homage to the artistry of creating with chocolate.

Chocolate and Ryan Gosling Mug

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I can’t think of a better pairing of chocolate than a bar of chocolate and Ryan Gosling. Unfortunately that can only happen in your dreams. The next best thing is this adorable mug on Etsy!

Chocolate and Jared Leto Mug

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I can think of even better pairing with chocolate. Chocolate and Jared Leto. This fun mug will get you through stressful afternoons at work or a particularly agonizing family dinner. Enjoy

Chocolate the Consuming Passion

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Is a cheerfully illustrated book for chocoholics everywhere. Sandra Boynton updates her original work and takes one for the team by eating a ton of chocolate in order to  provide her readers with as much information as possible about the beloved bean.

Chocolate Sweet Science and Dark Secrets

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There is a ton of information and history wrapped up like a chocolate bar in this informative book. Spend some time learning about how chocolate came on the scene and then became the product that launched an industry focused on dessert.

The Paleo Chocolate Lovers’ Cookbook

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Paleo afficianados don’t despair, you can still follow the Paleo lifestyle and enjoy your daily (or weekly) dose of chocolate. Spend time in your kitchen recreating these delicious and gluten free treats.

Bread, Wine, Chocolate

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Is a book for the chocoholic who is also an environmentalist as well. This book discusses how the lack of biodiversity will affect our ability to continue to love and enjoy the foods that we currently do now, such as bread, wine, and chocolate.

Chocomize: Hot Chocolate on a Spoon

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Chocomize should really be called “magic on a spoon.” An innocent looking square piece of chocolate that rests at the end of a hefty sized stir stick. Add this premium square of chocolate to the hot liquid of your choice and enjoy!

Fleur De Sel Caramels

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There is nothing better than the combination of sweet and salty. These fleur de sel caramels are an example of that perfect marriage. An expensive taste that is amazingly affordable. These caramels come in a simple brown box with tan swirls (like the caramels). Give these treats to your child’s teacher, your pastor, or to yourself!

Science Poster Chocolate Molecule

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What is theobromine? It’s the molecule that makes chocolate. This sleek and simple poster comes with the word theobromine highlighted in sea green or dark red. This poster will be a wonderful and simple addition to your favorite chocolate lover’s kitchen décor.

Chocolate Doesn’t Ask Silly Questions

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Chocolate understands! This block sign comes with a simple dark background and white lettering. For the minimalist decorator in your life who happens to be obsessed with chocolate, this is a great gift to receive.

J’adore le Chocolate Throw Pillow

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Etsy shares this wonderfully chic throw pillow in a rich cream color with black lettering. Display this throw pillow on your coach, comfortable chair, or bed.

Chocolate Wars: The 150 Year Rivalry Between The World’s Greatest Makers

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A fascinating history of the development of chocolate as an industry, the English families who had a hand in creating that industry, and the surprising reach that these families had beyond just making chocolate. This is a must read for chocoholics!

Lindt Chocoholic Holiday Advent Calendar

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Countdown to the holidays with this beautifully made Advent Calendar. Each day has a delicious Lindt chocoholic for you to enjoy. The holidays just aren’t the holidays without an Advent Calendar.

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