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5 Year Dating Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Five years of dating is a huge milestone. You two know each other really well and are comfortable with each other. Even then, it might be hard to find a great gift for your significant other for your five year anniversary. Rest assured because this list is just for you!

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Epic  5 Year Dating Anniversary Gift Ideas

“We go together like peas and carrots” Mug

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You two go together like peas and carrots, very complimentary!

“She still puts up with me after 5 years” Shirt

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If you still put up with him after five years, but he drives you a bit crazy, then this shirt is for him.

Personalized “Hooked on you” Keychain

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You two are hooked on each other!

Resin Flower Ring

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A beautiful, yet simple ring, can sometimes be the best gift you give. They will love wearing it and cherish the meaning.

Gold Mirror Heart Coasters

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If they are always complaining about you not using a coaster, you just might want to get them these extra nice gold mirror heart coasters as your five year dating anniversary gift.

“All of me loves all of you” Personalized Framed Print

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Your whole being loves them! Frame this up so they can hang it on the wall at home.

“Toujours” Love Always Shirt

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You will always love each other, after five years, there’s no doubt in your minds!

“I’m so glad we both swiped right” Keychain

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If you met on a dating site, your significant other may especially enjoy this fun keychain.

Tiny Box of Date Nights

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When you run out of date night ideas, this Tiny Box of Date Nights will get you off to the right start! After five years of dates, you might be craving something more creative anyway.

Personalized Pillow “It all began…”

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Wherever it began is a special place, memorialize it on this pillow that you can keep close to you both for a long time to come.

Gemstone Bracelet Personalized with Date or Initials

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Personalized with both your initials and the date you two met, this gemstone bracelet is sure to become their favorite one.

Couples Corner Street Sign Print

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Your names become street corners. You will always be together.

“LO” and “VE” Baseball Caps

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What says five years together more than matching baseball caps that spell a word when next to each other?

“You are my lobster” Keychain or Necklace

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If one or both of you are fans of Friends, this “You are my lobster” keychain or necklace symbolizes how you were meant to be.

Two Birds “LOVE” Colorful Print

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Lovebirds are always a symbol of love, and this colorful print just radiates happiness and love!

“My boyfriend is dating way out of his league” Shirt

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Whether he believes it or you do, or neither for that matter, this shirt is pretty funny.

Vertical Name Necklace

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Their name on a necklace is special because their name is special. It brings you joy just to think of their name.

Custom Watercolor Portrait of the Couple

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This custom watercolor portrait of the two of you will be something you both cherish for many years to come because it is so unique and special.

“You’re the Lily to my Marshall” and “You’re the Marshall to my Lily” Mug Set

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For the How I Met Your Mother fans, these matching mugs are an awesome way to celebrate your five year dating anniversary together.

Personalized Heart Charm Necklace

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Personalize this heart charm necklace with both of your initials for them to keep close at heart, even when you have to be apart.

Five years of dating is nothing to balk at. Make sure to get your significant other a super nice gift to memorialize the day together.

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