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20 Birthday Gifts for 18 Year Old Girls

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Eighteen is a big birthday! They are officially an adult. With that comes both responsibility and fun. While it is an exciting time for her, and many others, you still want to come up with the perfect gift for her and that can be a tough thing to do.

The Perfect Birthday Gifts for 18-Year-Old Girls

“Adult-ish” Shirt

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She is technically an adult, but being an adult is hard and comes with a learning curve, so she might be feeling more “adult-ish” rather than full-blown adult right now.

Diamond Heart Bracelet

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A diamond heart bracelet is so simple, yet so beautiful!

High Heels Phone Stand

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This high heels phone stand is girly, fun, and functional for watching videos all at the same time.

Mermaid Birthday Gift Box with Soap, Bath Bomb, Sugar Scrub, and Bath Salts

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If she loves mermaids, she will love this birthday gift box that is full of mermaid pampering items, from soap, to a bath bomb, to sugar scrubs and bath salts. All the things she needs to feel as good as new, even on her worst day.

Unicorn Riding a Duck Floatie Coffee Mug

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It doesn’t get much funnier than this, a unicorn sitting on a duck floatie and just chilling!

Silver Tree of Life Necklace

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The tree of life is a magnificent thing, especially on a necklace where she can wear it close to her heart and remind her that life is always worth living.

Koala Yoga Shirt

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If she loves both yoga and koalas, this is the shirt for her!

Monogrammable Cotton Cap

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She needs a pretty monogrammed cotton cap to keep the sun out of her eyes whenever she spends time outdoors.

Lavender Oil Perfume Roll On

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Roll on perfume makes things easier, and lavender is always a beautiful scent to wear.

Gold Cross Necklace

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Help her keep God close with a nice gold cross necklace to wear.

“Dog hair is my glitter” Print

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If she is a dog mom, then dog hair is her glitter, she has it all over her clothes no matter what she does.

“Sorry I’m late, I didn’t want to come” Sweatshirt

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Sometimes she just can’t summon the enthusiasm to be where she needs to be, and that’s where this sweatshirt comes in handy.

Personalized Floral Journal

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Every eighteen-year-old woman needs a personalized floral journal to keep her thoughts and feelings from exploding.

Natural Banana Body Butter

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Help her keep her skin moisturized and smelling awesome with this natural banana body butter!

“GRLPWR” Workout Tank

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She has girl power, no doubt about it!

“Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable” Runner Necklace

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If she believes in herself, no matter what she is doing, then she will certainly be one of the most unstoppable forces ever.

Raccoon Drop Earrings

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These raccoon drop earrings are adorable!

“I’m sorry did I roll my eyes out loud” Tank Top

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Sometimes that eye roll just escapes!

“Live your dream” Bracelet

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She can live her dreams if she works for it, what a great reminder to wear on her wrist!

Personalized Backpack

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If she is going off to college soon, she needs a new backpack and one with her name or initials on it will make it that much more special.

Help your loved one celebrate her momentous eighteenth birthday with a lovely gift like the ones listed here! She will love it!

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