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55th Emerald Anniversary Gifts for Her

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Celebrating your 55th wedding anniversary is exciting! You have been together for a long time, but your love is still strong. This is the emerald anniversary, and you probably want to get a really nice gift for her! Here are some beautiful emerald gift ideas. Make her feel extra special and give her something she can cherish for years to come.

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Touching  55th Emerald Anniversary Gifts for Her

Emerald Gemstone Necklace

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This emerald gemstone necklace is a beautiful piece that will look stunning on your wife’s neck.

Small Gold Emerald Stud Earrings

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Imagine how lovely these will look on her ears for your wedding anniversary and beyond!

Morse Code Emerald Beaded Bar Bracelet

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Design a sweet message, or a message that only the two of you will understand, on this morse code emerald beaded bar bracelet and watch her face light up as she deciphers it.

Emerald Green Pashmina

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Help her keep her shoulders warm with a pretty emerald green pashmina.

Vintage Emerald Wedding Band

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A vintage emerald wedding band to celebrate your 55th wedding anniversary will be something she cherishes for a long time and will be a great way to symbolize how strong your love is for each other after all those years.

Personalized 55th Anniversary Ornament with Emeralds on Wire in the Shape of a Tree

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Putting this on your Christmas tree each year will be a great reminder of how you made it to 55 years of marriage.

Love Emerald Heart Necklace

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Your love is strong, just like this love emerald heart necklace!

Emerald in Matrix Rough Gemstones

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If she likes rough gemstones, or thinks they’re beautiful, these will be a great decorative piece she can put on the coffee table or an end table to symbolize the 55 years you have been married.

Emerald Bar Stud Earrings

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When she loves wearing earrings, she needs these ones to remind her of the 55 years you have been married to each other.

Beaded Emerald Gemstone Bracelet

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A beaded emerald gemstone bracelet will look so elegant on her wrist.

Emerald Stone Necklace with Initials on Leaves

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Place your and her initials on the leaf charms on this emerald stone necklace and she will carry your love close to her heart whenever she puts it on.

Egyptian Emerald Body Butter Lotion

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She can pamper herself at home, and moisturize her skin at the same time, with this luxurious Egyptian emerald body butter lotion.

Tree Sculpture with Emerald Leaves

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What a great decoration piece to place in your home to symbolize your 55th anniversary!

Emerald Bay Photograph

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While not the traditional emerald for your 55th anniversary, this Emerald Bay photograph will look nice on the wall at home and will serve as a great reminder, especially if you have ever visited it.

Emerald Green Velvet Comforter

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Keep her extra warm with an emerald green velvet comforter, and it is super luxurious too. She will feel like a queen!

Heart-Shaped Emerald Earrings

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Heart-shaped emerald earrings will be the highlight of her jewelry after she receives them for your 55th wedding anniversary this year.

Emerald Stone Bracelet

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This emerald stone bracelet is so stunning and elegant, yet simple for the wife who loves something simple.

Emerald Gemstone Soap

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Emerald gemstone soap will look nice as a decor piece in the bathroom or by the kitchen sink.

Emerald Acrylic Distinguished Handmade Pen

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Every woman who loves to write, whether it be notes, stories, or anything else, will adore this emerald acrylic distinguished handmade pen to write with.

Elegant Fine Emerald Necklace

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The elegance in this fine emerald necklace is perfect for your 55th wedding anniversary together!

There are so many excellent emerald gifts that you can give your wife on your 55th wedding anniversary, and she will absolutely adore whichever one you choose!

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