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A Risqué Wedding Gift Idea

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Are you the kind of friend who tends to be sassy, or ever so slightly off-side?  Well, then this is the risque wedding gift idea for you!  It starts out very innocently, but then takes a bit of a turn.

Laundry Hamper Gift Idea

The Laundry Hamper

The laundry hamper is an item that can be found on many wedding gift registries.  Functional, practical and pretty darn boring.  Plus, good quality ones start to get right up there in price!  So, you have the option of buying the registry gift of a laundry hamper and calling it a day, with a bit of “here’s to domestic bliss.”  However, we’re all about making wedding registry gifts fun here, so let’s really spice it up.  Just like a trash can, which we turned into a “Get Trashed” gift idea, laundry hampers are great because they’re just sitting there ready to fill up!

The simplest version of this risque wedding gift idea is to buy the hamper and attach a note tag that says:

“A place for your clothes when you don’t need them!”

The Extras

First up, doing laundry kind of sucks, for most of us at least.  Plus, laundry detergent has a tendency to be expensive.  If you are good at couponing and spotting sales, it is something that you can pick up for a steal.  Fill up the laundry hamper with laundry detergent, dryer sheets, reusable dryer balls, stain remover, shout stain packs and maybe even some febreeze for those cheater days.

Side note for a story:  My spouse and I moved across the country five years ago.  My Mother in law had recently purchased a new washer and dryer set and couldn’t use the powdered type of laundry detergent that she had stocked away.  We found ourselves in possession of several large boxes of laundry detergent.  Silly me, I thought that we had finally reached the end of the free detergent in December.  It turns out that there’s still a box in the storage locker.  We’re good for at least another year!

The Risque Extras

Ya, ya, adding laundry detergent to a gift makes it quite lovely, but doesn’t exactly qualify anything as a “risque wedding gift idea.”  To do that, you need to add in some massage oil, risque books,or bubble bath.  And don’t forget that gift tag.

Or, you can include the iron, “to heat things up.”

What would you add to a laundry basket to make it a more unique gift?

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