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20 Easter Gift Ideas for Classmates

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If your child is in school and you are thinking to get each of their classmates a gift, you might be on the hunt for something fun and different. I have gathered 20 awesome Easter gift ideas for classmates to help brighten the child’s day. I will share 10 items you can make homemade and give to classmates, as well as 10 items you can buy, if you aren’t that craft!

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Carrot Treat Bags

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A great gift idea to give each student. They are fun to make and your child can be hands on and help.

Lemon Scented Play Dough

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Make up some play dough and then take the plastic Easter eggs and put some dough in each egg to give to the classmates. A fun and affordable gift option!

Easter Crayons

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Let your kids help make these fun Easter egg-shaped crayons that they can give to their classmates.

Paper Rings

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Here is a fun one your child will enjoy helping you make. Have them make rings for each of their classmates for Easter, they will have a blast playing with them.

Hershey Kiss Labels

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Buy a bag of kisses and add these fun labels to make them Easter themed. Stuff in goodie bags and make it a fun treat for the kids that don’t cost a ton to make.

Seed Packets

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A great thing to give to each student and they can plant pretty flowers for Spring!

Easter Origami

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Your kiddo will have a blast making this Easter-inspired origami to give to his/her classmates.

Easter Printable Pillow Box

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This is a fun box where you can stuff little toys or candy inside and give to each child in the class.

Candy Bar Wrapper

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Get some candy bars and print out these fun printables, “hanging with my peeps” and turn that ordinary candy bar into a fun Easter treat.

Bunny Bait Treats

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Another fun idea is this bunny bait. Whip this up and put in fun little bags with the free printable tags, for a special treat for the kids.

Easter Treat Bags

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If you aren’t crafty, here is a good one to buy that is fun for kids. You can never go wrong with Peeps and a funny saying.

Egg Maracas

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Shake, shake, shake the egg for a fun maraca sound. These are a fun gift for kids, they will have a blast.

Easter Egg Holders

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Stick a yummy Cadbury egg inside for a fun and unique gift for each child. I love how cute these bunnies are.

Finger Puppet Rings

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Kids will love transforming their hand into a fun puppet with these rings. Fun bold colors perfect for Easter.

Soft Egg Slime

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Slime is so popular so why not give an Easter egg that is filled with slime! Kids will love the gooey feel of it, and will have hours of endless fun.


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Who doesn’t like the old school stamps you can do for your hands and arms to leave a fun shape or animal print. Give these to the kids and even pair with a little bag of Easter candy!

Bunny Gel Pens

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These pens are not only adorable as can be but fun gel pens for kids to draw and write with. I remember when I was little gel pens were the cool thing to have in school.

Plush Bunny And Chicks

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Here is a bundle option if you are buying for a lot of kids, you have these adorable plush bunnies and chicks. These make for a great gift if you are wanting to do something besides candy.

Paint Craft

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These are unfinished so you can give to each kid and let them paint them at school or take them home to paint. A fun Easter inspired gift.

Easter Noisemakers

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These are so fun, and what kid doesn’t love to make a little noise with a toy?! Comes with 24, so makes it great for buying for many kids.


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