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Best 42 Year Anniversary Gift Idea for Him

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The 42nd anniversary does not have a gifting tradition outside of its modern take. That modern gift theme is real estate! That being said, I’ve come up with some of the most unique 42 year anniversary gift idea for him! They all fall into the real estate theme, some with a twist! He’ll love these gifts, whether you’ve been looking at properties or dreaming of that ‘one day’!

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The Most Unique 42 Year Anniversary Gift Idea for Him

These gifts are a selection of some really unique finds to celebrate you and your husband’s 42 year anniversary! You’re probably in a bit of a rut, but don’t want to go too generic or cheesy. I’ve got you covered! Centered around the modern 42 year anniversary theme of real estate, these gifts are like opening up the next door in your relationship! You might be planning on a new real estate move sometime in your future, but really who isn’t? These gifts will have you peeking into the future, and dreaming of what’s to come for years to come!

The Book on Rental Property Investing by Brandon Turner

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Who doesn’t want to play Monopoly in real life? This is a great primer on breaking into real estate investing! Don’t pass up on this thoughtful 42 year anniversary gift idea for him!

Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails With a Literary Twist

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These literature themed cocktails could make a really great housewarming gift for your husband this 42nd wedding anniversary! Whimsical and fun, it combines some of his favorite drinks with literary classics. You might just make him a reader yet!

Whiskey Stones Gift Set

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What says a housewarming gift like a high-class set of whiskey stones, and accessories? This will help your man celebrate your 42nd wedding anniversary in style!

Habitat: The Field Guide to Decorating

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Help him set his eyes on loving or listing with this book on home decor! Honor the modern theme of real estate with this practical 42 year anniversary gift idea for him!

Handmade Key Rack

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This is an adorable and heartwarming real-estate themed anniversary gift for him! It can be customized to include both of your names. May you never stop house hunting!

Funny Real Estate Mug

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This mug proudly states that you could have and most certainly would have dodged that last meeting that could have been an email! He’ll love this 42 year anniversary gift idea! Wading through the world of real estate investing means lots of meetings.

Zippered Portfolio Organizer

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This fully leather organizer is purpose-built for handling real estate tasks. That being said, your husband doesn’t have to be one to enjoy its organization! This is the perfect 42 year anniversary gift for your husband to stay on top of his real estate investment portfolio!

Real Estate Necktie

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You can’t beat this classy tie that pulls no punches! Let everyone know your man is on the hunt for a property with this funny 42 year anniversary gift idea for him.

Housewarming Sign

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This is a handmade original, custom made to impress your guests or your future clients! Grab one of these for your husband this 42nd year wedding anniversary to remind his home is where the heart is.

Personalized Cheese Board

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This is a personalized 42 year anniversary gift idea for him that you’ll get a lot of use out of! Enjoy the finer things in life and let him know you’ve got a lot to look forward to! This classy cheese board is great for sharing delicacies and quality time together.

Custom Family Name Sign

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This sign allows you to customize the color, date, and family name for a hanging sign that will really stand out! Your place will be easy to find with this monogrammed sign that will elevate your frontage.

Pen Laser Measuring Tool

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Evaluating a possible real estate opportunity? This is a sincere and thoughtful 42nd wedding anniversary real-estate themed gift for your husband to use out in the field!

Key Lock Box

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Speaking of must-have tools and gadgets for real estate themed gifts, this lockbox is up there! You’ll need one of these to allow agents and investors to examine properties up close when you’re not around!

Scrivener Luxury Pen

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What’s one thing a real estate deal can’t close without? A pen, of course! Suit your man up this anniversary with a modern real estate themed gift that’s both practical and thoughtful!

Custom Doormat

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If you’re anything like me, home is everything! Make it something special with this customizable handmade original. Your husband will love this sincere gift that reminds him where home is!

Real Estate Business Card Display

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If your man is really serious about getting into the real estate game, why not encourage him? This adorable handmade piece displays business cards. Let him know you’re supportive and excited with this 42 year anniversary real-estate themed gift!

Homebody by Joanna Gaines

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This book is all about decorating to make spaces liveable. This is a perfect step for your husband if you need some advice on staging real estate! Give him a leg up with this ideal 42 year anniversary gift idea.

Real Estate Closing Gift

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Hear me out. A gift, gift on a gift guide? You’ve got that right. You’re husbands going to need to start somewhere! If he’s closing on a big investment deal, something like this makes the perfect closing gift, and it can be personalized with his client’s name or his info!

Clark’s Tilden Walk

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Sometimes a new addition to your outfit is all it takes to re-energize yourself. These updated men’s shoes are just what he needs to feel confident about the real estate market!

With any luck, you’ll have found the perfect 42 year anniversary gift idea for him! Even if he’s not into the modern 42nd-anniversary theme of real estate, these gifts can take on any meaning! Opening new doors in your lives, or looking forward to retirement and the real estate challenges and opportunities that lie ahead! Until next time, happy gifting!

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