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20 Best Amazing Coco Gift Ideas

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These Coco gift ideas are perfect for the Coco fan in your life. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, you really need to. It’s such a sweet movie and it’s all about family and coming together. That’s why any Coco fan will love all of these lovely gift ideas. They are each amazing!

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20 Amazing Coco Gift Ideas

Check out all these fabulous Coco gifts! Whoever you give them to is going to be so happy.

Coco Figurines

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This set comes with 8 toys that are perfect for topping cakes, playing with and adding to your Coco collection.

Interactive Coco Guitar

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Your child will feel like he is part of the movie when playing this terrific interactive guitar. So much fun!

Coco Pajamas

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There is nothing more awesome than snuggling in a pair of character-themed jammies when you’re a kiddo. These are terrific.

Coco Backpack

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This backpack is great for taking to school or loading up toys for a road trip. Plus, you can never have too many bags in my opinion.

Little Golden Book

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Anyone who is a Coco fan is going to love this Little Golden Book! It’s adorable and the perfect fit for your collection.

Tote Bag

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Toss in the LEGOs, stuffed animals, dolls, or any other kind of toys in this fantastic tote bag. You can even carry groceries in it!

Disney Dante Plush

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It’s impossible not to fall in love with this snuggly Disney Dante Plush doll. You can’t go wrong with this gift idea.

Coco Activity Book Set

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This activity set has a little bit of everything! It’s all Coco themed so it’s perfect for the Coco fanatic in your life.

Coco Puzzle

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This adorable puzzle is ideal for kids 3 years old and older. It’s simple to put together, but still lots of fun.

Coco Flashlight Book

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Find all sorts of secrets in this incredible book! Use the flashlight to find hidden treasures throughout.

Coco Uno Game

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What’s a more classic game than Uno? Combine it with the characters from Coco and you’ll have a slam dunk.

Coco Birthday Shirt

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If you know someone who is on the hunt for a Coco birthday shirt, this is a great deal. Plus, it’s super cool too.

Sun Baby Plush Toy

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This adorable Sun Baby plush toy is perfect for tagging along to everything. It fits in little hands easily and is soft too.

Coco Sticker Book

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If there is kiddo in your life that loves Coco and stickers, then this gift is sure to be a hit.

I Love My Family: A Book Of Memories

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The movie Coco and this book are the perfect complements to each other. Lots of bright colors and great for younger kids that can’t read.


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As kids get older, it’s nice to introduce them to journaling. It’s a lovely way for them to write down their thoughts and feelings from each day.

Coco Pillow

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Perfect to add a touch of Coco to a child’s bedroom decor. It’s bright, playful and fun.

Coco Blanket

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Naptime just got a little more fun and relaxing all at the same time. Cover up with a comfortable Coco blanket and rest the day away.

Coco Playset

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This playset is easily transportable and can be enjoyed for hours at a time. Great gift idea for the kid in your life that loves Coco.

Coco Coloring Book Set

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This set comes with a coloring book as well as sugar skull stickers. It’s vibrant and a blast to color.

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