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20 Best Cute Couple Halloween Costumes That Won’t Break the Bank

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Halloween is the perfect holiday to show your creativity! Unfortunately, some of your ideas may end up being a bit too costly. These are the cute couple Halloween costumes that will keep your wallet intact, and make you the life of the party! 

Cute Couple Halloween Costumes That Won’t Break the Bank Pin

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Cute Couple Halloween Costumes That Won’t Make you Broke!

If you are looking for some cute Halloween costumes that won’t break the bank, I have 20 couples costumes that are sure to spark some interest! And better yet, these costumes come in pairs, so you won’t have to make two separate purchases!

Deer in the Headlights

Couple's deer in headlights costume

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We’ve all seen that deer in the headlights look. Well, now one of you is going to have that look all night long!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Peanut butter and jelly costume for couples

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Do you and your significant other go together like Spaghetti and meatballs? Or wait, maybe even peanut butter and jelly! Yes, that’s it! Peanut butter and jelly! And this costume is available to prove it!

King and Queen of Hearts

Halloween couple's costume king and queen of hearts

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Are you a game loving couple? If so, this set is perfect for you! It’s not just a king and queen, it’s a king and queen of hearts. Aw!

Oreo Sandwich Cookie

Oreo costume for couples Halloween party

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This may not be a double stuffed oreo, but this cookie splits perfectly into two different costumes! Don’t forget the milk! 

Tacky Tourists

Funny tacky halloween costume for couples

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Whether you are able to go on amazing luxurious vacations or not, these tacky tourist costume will make it appear as though you are professional vacationists!

Plug and Socket

Cheap plug and socket Halloween costume for couples

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You know you’ve always envied that couple who has the courage to dress up as a plug and socket. Well, this year it’s your turn!

Bacon and Eggs

Bacon and Eggs Couples costume for Halloween

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Bacon and eggs, because, well, no one would get it if you dressed up as a pig and a chicken!

Tiger Cloth Outfits

tiger cloth spookey Halloween costume for couples

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These tiger cloth costumes aren’t exactly one size fits all, so be sure to check the measurements before purchasing!

Milk and Cookies

Milk and cookies adorable couples costume

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What goes best with cookies? Milk! Of course. This costume will get a giggle at just about any costume party. For a few added laughs, make it out to be a gag 

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Couple's toothpaste and toothbrush costume that won't break the bank

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Here’s a funny and recognizable cute couple’s Halloween costume that will get a few chuckles! 

Soap and Loofah

soap and loofah adorable couples costume

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Why not take this costume a step further, and grab a small bottle of bubbles to blow? But the big question is, who is going to be the soap, and who is going to be the loofah?!

Beer and Mug Hats

Beer and mug drinking themed costume for couples

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If you are looking for something super simple, and super cheap, take a look at these beer and mug hats! They go great with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt!

Fish Hats

Funny finding nemo couples costume

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Still looking for something cheap and simple, but not wanting to go the beer route? Get yourselves a blue sweatshirt and sweatpants, and complete your costumes with these fish hats!

Cheese and Crackers

Cheese and crackers wine party costume for couples

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Cheese? Yes, please! Crackers? Why not? Cheese and crackers are an absolute must at every party.

Adam and Eve

Halloween party couples adam and eve costume

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Perfect for a night of innocence, but don’t let the snake lead you astray. At least not without a couple of drinks first!

Tooth and Toothfairy

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It’s always about princesses and fairy godmothers. You can’t forget about the tooth fairy! And what good is the tooth fairy without a pearly white tooth?!

Hot Dog and Buns

hilarious hot dog and bun couples costume for parties

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Pizza slice costumes are so last year! Instead, order this hot dog and buns for you and your sweetie!

Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle pieces 2 piece couples costume

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It’s no puzzle that tonight is going to be a blast in these perfectly cut out puzzle piece costumes.

Paired Wine and Cheese

Cheap and funny wine and cheese costume

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Most don’t look forward to aging, but a little aged cheese and wine is certainly something to look forward to!

Ketchup and Mustard

Ketchup and mustard cheap and funny couples costume for halloween

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When it comes to condiments, everyone has their favorites. Which one can’t you live without? Ketchup, or mustard?


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**Bonus! If you are taking your little one to the party, check out this ketchup packet!

Ketchup packet costume

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