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Best Gifts for Super Villain Fans

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Wicked Gifts For Super Villain Fans

Not everyone has a penchant for superheroes. And we totally get that. Rooting for the good guy (who almost always wins) can get kinda boring. Plus the baddies always have the coolest powers and aren’t weighed down by a moral compass! If you have someone you’re shopping for that loves the bad guys as much as we do, you’re in luck! We’ve kidnapped and tortured the internet gremlins to hand over their most powerful gift ideas for our readers!

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Gift Ideas For People Who Love The Bad Guys

Are you ready to be your villain’s favorite anti-hero with these amazing gifts?

Minimalist Magneto Poster

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Grab your fan this poster that shows off their mutant pride in a trendy minimalist fashion!

Joker HaHaHa Neon Sign

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This LED powered neon sign is a must-have for any fan of the Joker. Seriously. They’ll love this!

Loki Plush

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Now your villain fan can own their very own God of Mischief! They also offer a variety of facial expressions to customize your gift!

Dr. Doom Mask

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This mask is scaled to fit most adult heads and would make a great piece of decoration when your villain doesn’t need their disguise!

Harvey Dent/Two Face Action Figure

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You don’t have to flip a coin to figure out that this action figure is the perfect gift for your supervillain fan!

Bane Cat

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This cat is adorable and terrifying at the same time! You can merely adopt him for any Bane fan!

The Governor (Walking Dead) Teddy Bear

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Buy your villain fan the cutest dystopian politician to ever exist! Looking at him you’d never know what he was capable of!

Most Wanted Avengers Villains T-Shirt

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This officially licensed t-shirt has villainiest (if that’s not a real word it is now!) villains from the Avengers comics!

The Shredder Shredder

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If your fan loves puns as much as they love ninjas and bad guys, oh boy! This will make a great gift for them!

Ultron MK1 Mask

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This mask is perfect for cosplay. Support your evil robot friend with this cool glow-in-the-dark face shield!

Dark Phoenix Dice Bag

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If your supervillain fan is also a D&D enthusiast, this awesome bag is perfect for their away games, because let’s face it, everyone loves Dark Phoenix. As long as it isn’t the newest one.

Lex Luthor Funko Pop!










Buy Now

This exclusive Funko will soon be a rare commodity – much like Lex’s hairline. Grab it while it’s still there!

The Penguin Bust Piggy Bank

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Be a gentleman (or woman) and grab your super villain fan an awesome piggy bank inspired by the most popular Batman rival!

Mystique Heat Changing Mug

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This coffee mug morphs just like the beautiful villainess herself and would be a welcome gift to any super villain (or X-Men) fan!

Thanos Stone Bae T-Shirt

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This t-shirt is a hilarious mashup of a once popular meme and Marvel’s most popular villain at the moment! A must-have for any fan!

Retro VHS Negan Lamp

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This lamp may be retro but your villain fan doesn’t need to be to appreciate it!

Catwoman Figure

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Not all black cats are bad luck, and your super villain fan will feel like the luckiest person on the planet with their very own Catwoman statue!

Harley Quinn LED Sign

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This illuminated sign is as unique as the clown queen is! Perfect for a night light or just to make your super villain’s nerd cave look badass!

Green Goblin – Goblin Bombs

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A set of these awesome as heck goblin bombs will blow your fan’s mind!

Negan’s Lucille Prop

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This is Lucille and she is awesome! She deserves a grand retirement on your villain fan’s wall of fame!

Thanos Buddha Statue

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Oh, snap! This hilarious Buddha statue is a must-have for everyone!

And there you have it! We traveled to the darkest corners of the comic book (and movie) universes! We hope you found the perfect gift for your super villain fan (and yourself)! If you grabbed something off this guide, hit us up on Twitter (@ugifter) or Instagram (@uniquegifter) and let us know what you got!

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