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Christmas Gifts for Firefly (Serenity) Fans

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The first time I was introduced to the Firefly series, the entire family was crowded around to gauge my reaction. NO PRESSURE, GUYS.

Luckily, I was so enthralled that by the end of the first episode, when Simon expresses doubt about the Captain’s trustworthiness, I snorted and replied to him word for word as Captain Mal did two seconds later. I passed the test! Browncoats. For. Life.

Magicalย Christmas Gifts for Firefly (Serenity) Fans

Firefly Complete Series: 15th Anniversary

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Anniversary collections always include some delightful extras from the cast who loved this show as much as we did.

Serenity Movie

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For brand new fans – their very own copy of the movie that put the series to bed. (We still want more, though.)

Firefly Key Chain

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I have my very own Serenity attached to my keys.

Serenity Blueprint

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A blueprint of the Serenity would be right up the alley of an engineering nerd.

Inevitable Betrayal Mug

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For Wash fans! This is one of his most memorable lines. One year, a young fan brought the dinosaurs to Comic Con and asked Alan Tudyk to do the scene with him. It was the cutest.

Floral Bonnet Mug

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For Captain Mal fans! One of his better comic moments, I think.

Browncoats Serenity Bag

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This petite tablet bag fits a modest amount of stuff, so you might opt for the messenger bag if this is going to a Comic Con or the library.

Serenity Woodburned Fabric Lined Box

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This is a a beautifully woodburned box that even a non-fan could admire. But give it to a fan, of course.

Serenity Christmas Ornament

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Adorn your Christmas tree with its very own spaceship โ€“ the best ship in the โ€˜verse!

Inara’s Necklace

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A lovely replica of Inara’s necklace is a lovely accent for a cosplay or just a night out on the town.

You Can’t Take The Sky From Me Keychain

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If you can’t have little fiddly bits on your keychain, this is a better

Kaylee Jumpsuit

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If you know a Kaylee fan who loves cosplay, boy this is the gift for you (to give)!

I aim to Misbehave Tee

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Start them young

Serenity Crew Infant Sensory Toy

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While baby learns about shapes and tastes, they can also pick up the colors that represent the crew of the Serenity.

Sublimated Door Mat

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Thereโ€™s nothing like welcoming guests to your home with an earworm of the showโ€™s theme song.

License Plate

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In the absence of personal spacecraft, weโ€™ll have to settle for showing our love for the Firefly in subtler ways.

My Other Ride is a Firefly Decal

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In our imaginations, anyway. Much like how my other other ride is a Transformer.

Serenity Coloring Book

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Have we firmly established that coloringโ€™s not just for kids anymore? Because you definitely wonโ€™t want to share this one with the kids.

Firefly Magnetic Poetry

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How many quotes can be put together using these magnets? There are at least 500 pieces, at least one whole scene should be possible.

Serenity Valley Flask

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Donโ€™t feel constrained to just give this to whiskey drinkers. Or even drinkers at all. It could hold lemonade for all we care – itโ€™s an awesome flask.

Go forth and make your Firefly fanโ€™s day with one or more of these neat gifts.

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